Manifest Season 3 Renewal Status & All Updates

Manifest Season 3 TV Show Poster

Manifest is one of NBC’s most promising suspense thrillers this year. Directed by Jeff Rake, the series made its debut in 2018. The gripping plot and innovative camera work were quick to earn its admiration from fans. The series begins with the reappearance of a passenger flight after half a decade.

The first two seasons of the show was a huge success, with Manifest reporting a huge increase in its viewership numbers. The show has received much praise from the critics for its premise. Fans were already expecting news about the series returning. And after the success of Season two, that is exactly what has happened.

Manifest Season 3: When is it airing?

The second of the series dropped early this year in January. It was a runaway hit, with fans claiming the latest season to be much better than the previous one. Manifest had also registered an average view of 7.7 million per episode.

These reasons were sufficient enough for NBC to renew the series. The announcement was made in June, with the show expected to release in 2021. Set photos have already started to emerge, indicating that filming has begun. The release date of the upcoming season is not out yet. But certainly, it is not going to be too long.

Manifest Season 3: Who will appear?

The show has nailed down a brilliant cast. So there was not much reason for them to make any serious changes to it. And for the next season, it is going to stick with its original cast. Popular faces of Melissa Roxburgh and Josh Dallas will be reappearing in the upcoming season.

They are going to be joined by Athena Karkanis, JR Ramirez, and Luna Blaise. Jack Messina will also be returning as Cal Stone. This time the cast will join by Holly Taylor. The Canadian actress will be playing the role of Angelina in the upcoming season.

Manifest Season 3: What will happen?

Last season had several major plot twists packed. One of which was the discovery of the tailfin of Flight 828. The first focus of Ben and Saanvi will be to gather more information about this revelation. Also, expect a significant time jump when the series resume. With the events expected to begin after a gap of three months.

However, Saanvi is going to have another major reason to be worried about it. Following her murder of the Major, she is bound to face a horrid time. First, there is the question of hiding the murder. Surely she will need help, but who will lend her a hand? And will that be the last of the incident? Season three will need to provide answers to a lot of questions.

Manifest Season 3: Is there a trailer?

Fans of the show will have to be patient. The series has just begun filming, and it will take a while before the trailer land.

The upcoming season of Manifest will have to do a lot of answers. Last season concluded with several cliffhangers for Season three to explore. So one thing is for sure, it won’t be short of entertaining moments. Hopefully, it will land soon for the fans to enjoy it.