Gotham Knights Gameplay, Characters & All Updates

Gotham Knights Gameplay scene

Gotham Knights are the new game everyone is excited about. But it, not the regular Batman thriller game. In fact, Batman is not playing a prominent role in Gotham Knights. It is more about the characters who are going to carry on the legacy of Batman after his death. Moreover, someone has to protect Gotham City, and these knights will do the job.

Here are all the latest updates about Gotham Knights viewers need to know.

When is this game going to premiere?

There are no official announcements for a definite release date of Gotham Knights. However, speculations suggest that the game will premiere by 2021. Gotham Knights will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Play Station4, Play Station 5, and PC.

What is all revealed in the trailer for Gotham Knights?

The first appearance for Gotham Knights was on the DC fandom. Warner Bros Montreal is the developer of the game. The trailer gives some insight into the villain Two-Face.

The official description of the game suggests that players will have to patrol five boroughs of Gotham city. They will have to fight against any visible criminal activity in those areas. The events of Gotham Knights are after the death of Batman. The player acts as a knight protecting Gotham City.

What is the gameplay of Gotham Knights?

This new DC game will have an open world. This means that the payers can explore Gotham City on their own. They will also be able to discover multiple storylines of the other characters. There is also a huge possibility of numerous other villains of Batman to feature in this game.

There are no official announcements, but some Batman universe heroes can be a part of Gotham Knights. The Batman Family is evolving continuously over the years. The Batwoman, Robin, Lucius Fox can be the possible superheroes your paths are going to cross with. This is because each of them can help the players in due course of the story.

Patrick Redding, who is the creative director of the game, leaves a small hint for Gotham Knights, which suggests that Robin will use the satellites of Justice League as part of his toolkit. This means that other superheroes from the DC universe can become a part of this new game.

What are the playable characters in the game?

The players can switch among four playable characters– Red Hood, Batgirl, Robin, and Nightwing. Each of these characters has a separate combat style and different assets in their kits. The story of Gotham Knights has a connection with Batman: Arkham Asylum and its sequels. The court of Owls will undoubtedly feature as the antagonist for Gotham Knights.

All the news surrounding Gotham Knights suggests that this role-playing game will be very different from the regular Batman games. This is because Batman gets killed during an explosion. Now it is up to his friends to save Gotham City. Moreover, the story is entirely original and will be a thrilling experience for the users. Happy watching!