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Antlers Movie Poster

Antlers‘ new horror movie is coming up to add its name to the horror movie list. However, Guillermo del Toro, David Goyer, and J Miles Dale have produced the movie. The movie Antlers’ story is based on a short story by Nick Antosca named The Quiet Boy. This short story had originally published in Guernica magazine in January 2019. However, he is a well-known author, he has mainly created a short-lived Hannibal TV series. Antosca also created the horror series Channel Zero. Scott Cooper has directed the movie Antlers. The story of the movie Antlers depicts a school teacher and her police officer brother. Both of them doubted one of her students, who is suppressing a supernatural creature in his home.

The release date of the upcoming movie Antlers

Previously the makers have decided to release the upcoming movie Antlers on April 17, 2020. However, at that time, many other movies were also there on the release date, although a neck to neck competition was there. Movies like Trolls World Tour, as well as Monster Problems, were there in the release list. Moreover, Monster Problems will hit the big screen in 2021; Trolls World Tour moved towards April 10. Along with all this, the global pandemic coronavirus outbreak is also a reason for postponing Antlers’ release date. Disney has officially removed Antlers from its release schedule list. Previously it is known that the movie Antlers will release somewhere in 2020, but the official release date is not known exactly. But now, according to Searchlight Pictures, the movie Antlers is scheduled to release on February 19, 2021. Fans are very excited for Antlers to arrive.

The cast list of the upcoming movie Antlers

The cast list of the movie Antlers includes Keri Russell as Julia Meadows, Jesse Plemons, plays her brother Paul. Along with them, a newcomer Jeremy T. Thomas is also there as Lucas. Antlers’ cast members include Graham Greene as Warren Stokes, Scott Haze as Frank Weaver, Rory Cochrane as Dan Lecroy, Amy Madigan as Principal Booth, Cody Davis as Clint, lawyer Jones as Aiden Weaver, Jake T. Roberts as a forensic officer.

The plot details of the upcoming movie Antlers

The story of the movie Antlers focuses on a small-town teacher Julia Meadows and her brother, Paul. Both of them find something odd in her student named Lucas Weaver. Lucas does not have any family with him. However, he has some connections with an inhuman creature. Later Julia’s brother Paul who is local police, tries to solve this mystery. He investigates some deaths which portray a scenario like that this murder is done by some a creature.

The trailer of the upcoming movie Antlers

The trailer of the movie Antlers has dropped on social media. Although the trailer of the movie has created a lot of horror environments and viewers are liking it.

It’s a long time that the devotees are waiting for the upcoming movie Antlers. However, the movie will come up in 2021, and the fans are eagerly waiting for Antlers to arrive. Till then, stay safe, stay connected.

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