When is Angry Birds: Summer Madness TV Series Coming?

Angry Birds: Summer Madness TV Series

Angry Birds became a worldwide phenomenon after it released in 2009. There were different variations of the game, including the most downloaded Angry Birds: Star Wars. The success of the game also spawned two successful feature films, which became box office successes. Now, an Angry Birds television series is on the way!

Here is everything viewers need to know about the Angry Birds: Summer Madness TV series.

About the show 

Angry Birds: Summer Madness is the first long-form television series that will be based on the video game series. The series will have forty episodes, with each episode having a running time of around eleven minutes. The show will have the same family-friendly entertainment and humor like films.

The plot of the show 

Angry Birds: Summer Madness will follow the younger days of the main trio – Red, Chuck, and Bomb. Along with their feathered friends, the trio will be seen at a summer camp under the guidance of their lazy and questionable counselor, the Mighty Eagle. The series will follow the birds’ crazy summertime misadventures along with impossible pranks, literal explosive antics (because of Bomb), and extensive rule-breaking. Angry Birds wouldn’t happen without the evil and devious pigs! The pigs are back as well to cause mayhem and destruction. It is up to the birds to fend off the obnoxious and brash pigs.
Like the game and the films, the show will have a colorful and dazzling animation. The show is for the children, but even adults (especially the secretive Angry Birds fans) can join in on the fun and enjoy the show!

Summer Madness is the first long-form television series from Rovio Entertainment. Rovio’s first series was Angry Birds Toons, which premiered back in 2013 and ran for three seasons. Many other franchise shows also followed.

Production of the series 

Rovio Entertainment, which has created the iconic original game, is hailing the series. Rovio has produced the series with CAKE, the production company that handles Rovio’s film and television shows internationally.

The cast of the series 

There is no official announcement on who the cast members are. The show may have an entirely new cast, or the cast members from the film series could reprise their roles. The film’s cast members that could return for the show include Jason Sudeikis as Red, Josh Gad as Chuck, Danny McBride as Bomb and Peter Dinklage as the Mighty Eagle along with Bill Hader as Leonard, leader of the pigs.

When is the show releasing? 

With the increasing threat of coronavirus in the world, a lot of rescheduling is happening. However, Angry Birds: Summer Madness will be released on Netflix in 2021. An official release date hasn’t been announced yet.

Angry Birds: Summer Madness is going to be one hell of a joyride, especially for all the Angry Birds fans. The show is going to be popular as everyone loved the games and the movies! It is only a matter of some time before the show releases!
Till then, stay safe and stay tuned for more updates.