Psychonauts 2 Gameplay, Characters & All Updates

Psychonauts 2 game poster

The first release of Psychonauts was on April 19, 2005. Xbox Game studios are the developers of psychonauts, along with Double Fine as the developers. The first game was so popular, and ever since, the makers wanted to come back with a sequel. Finally, there is news about Psychonauts 2.

Here is everything gamers need to know about the second game of Psychonauts.

How is Fig related to Psychonauts?

The developers of the game were facing some financial crisis. Due to this reason, the development of Psychonauts was going extremely slow. They needed some funding to keep going with the project. Eager fans who have previously enjoyed the original game came forward to help. Instead of creating regular crowdfunding, Fig was the platform designed to generate funds.

Through this platform, fans could earn exclusive rewards and invest by selling the game. In total, Fig raised an amount of 4 million dollars by 2016, helping the creators develop the game at its best.

When is Psychonauts 2 going to release?

During the Game Awards in 2015, everyone got to know about the second game of Psychonauts. The developers also informed that the game would face a slight delay due to the lack of funds. Once the funds were raised, they were able to bring out the best in the game. No other delays were going to happen.

Due to the current crisis in the world, Xbox announces that they are facing some difficulty in developing first-party games. Speculations suggest that Psychonauts 2 will release by 2020, but the lack of further updates indicates that it will not release before 2021.

Who are the characters in the game?

The second game is going to include all the characters from the first. These are Razputin Aquato, Milla Vodello, Dogen Boole, Sasha Nein, Lili Zanotto, and Dr. Loboto as part of its primary characters.

What is the gameplay for Psychonauts 2?

Psychonauts 2 is going to pick up from where the first game left. The story is going to following Razputin Aquato, who is part of a psychic espionage organization. This group calls themselves “The Psychonauts.”

The game will be in a third-person format, and the player will be in the role of Razputin. This character uses his psychic abilities to know what is going on in the head of other people. Psi Powers such as levitation, Pyrokinesis, telekinesis, and jumping are the resources a player can use.

The end of the first game saw Raz on a rescue mission to save the head of their organization, Truman Zanotto. He is helping Milla Vodello and Sasha Nein. While the leader is gone, the organization does not stand for peacekeeping but shift their focus towards necromancy. The story for the second game will follow from there.

According to recent updates, Psychonauts 2 will have an odd sense of humor, unique characters, and bright visuals. The nature of Raz will play a prominent role in the story.

Fans are more than excited with the news of Psychonauts 2. The first game did receive good reviews. On the other hand, the creators are also trying their best to live up to the expectations.