Nobody Release Date, Cast & Every Update

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Nobody is one of the most anticipated action thrillers of the year. Directed by Ilya Naishuller, the film stars Bob Odenkirk in its leading role. Nobody takes place around a sub-urban family leading a comfortable life. However, a burglary attempt sends ripples down the relationship between its members.

Odenkirk plays the most important role in the movie as Hutch Mansell. With the film being expected not to go light on action sequences, it promises to be an entertaining watch. However, fans might have to wait for a while before they can catch the film in theatres. So here you will find everything about the film you’ll want to know.

Nobody: When is it Releasing?

The production of the film began early in 2018. With several subsequent announcements being made about the confirmed cast of the Nobody. Filming began in September next year and wrapped up quickly.

The film scheduled for a release on August 14, 2020. But that plan had to be shelved owing to the current condition of the world. With theatres around the world remaining closed, the producers had no way to delay the film’s release.

Universal was swift in taking the decisions. And the film’s release postponed to February 26, 2021. However, the studios had to do some serious reshuffling of the schedule of its other releases. Eventually, Nobody was pushed up to February 19, 2021, which is its confirmed date of release.

Nobody: What is the Cast?

It has been a while since the film had announced its confirmed cast list. Appearing in the leading role as Hutch Mansell is Bob Odenkirk. He also joins the film as its producer and, with his pedigree, is expected to deliver another outstanding performance.

Other members of the cast include Danish actress Connie Nielsen. She will appear as the spouse of Hutch and will be joined by popular American actor Christopher Lloyd. While Gage Munroe joins the cast as Blake Mansell, The rest of the cast is expected to be announced soon enough.

Nobody: What will it be About?

There has been very little information about the expected plot of the film. But the studios have confirmed it to be centered around the Mansell family. Hutch leads an extremely mediocre life and remains unnoticed by his family and friends. This cast a grim shadow over his marriage and his relation with his son.

Eventually, the matter worsens when two burglars break into their house. Rather than fighting, he opts to avoid violence to protect his family. This cast him as a coward in front of his loved ones. Triggered by the incident, Hutch takes on a difficult path that no one expected from him.

Nobody: Is a Trailer Out?

The film is yet to drop a trailer. However, given the proximity to its release, expect one to drop soon.

Bob Odenkirk is always a win. And his latest film is not going to be miss as well. Fans of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad are already know what to expect. The premise of the film is exciting and ideal for an actor of his caliber. It is only a matter of time before Odenkirk dazzles everyone again.

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