Top 10 Movies to Watch Like The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street Movie Poster

Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece, The Wolf of Wall Street, is one of the most illuminating movies of all time. With the added brilliance of Leonardo DiCaprio, he stars as the stockbroker, Jordan Belfort, who rises from nothing to be the top tier of power and money. An incredible biopic, The Wolf of Wall Street, will shock you, disgust you, and will overwhelm you.

If you are hunting for a list of dynamic movies like The Wolf of Wall Street, here are the top ten similar movies that you should watch.

Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can Movie Poster

The phenomenal director Steven Spielberg’s Catch Me If You Can is an iconic movie. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as the wunderkind con artist Frank Abagnale. FBI agent Carl Hanratty, played by Tom Hanks, pursues Abagnale in this classic chase.

Inside Job

Charles Ferguson’s 2010 movie offers a fictional look into the 2008 global economic meltdown. It also looks into the systemic corruption of the United States by financial corporations.

Wall Street

Wall Street Movie Poster

Oliver Stone’s 1987 movie, Wall Street, defines the 80’s American lifestyle. It is about a young stockbroker who is impatient to make it to the top. Bud Fox enters into the illegal world as well. And, Charlie Sheen’s performance as Bud Fox merely is captivating.

The Big Short

Adam McKay’s 2016 movie, The Big Short is a biographical comedy-drama film. It is about the wily opportunists who get their hands at massive fortune out of the U.S. economic crash. The movie brings to focus on the flaws and corruption in the finance systems.

Too Big to Fail

Curtis Hanson’s 2011 movie, Too Big to Fail, is a biographical drama tv film. It offers a gripping look at the 2008 financial crisis. This is presented from the perspective of the insiders of this crisis. They perform their best to prevent this global economic meltdown.

Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean's Eleven Movie Poster

An American heist comedy movie, Ocean’s Eleven, is helmed by Steven Soderbergh. It features a top tier cast like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon. The plot follows Danny Ocean and his ten accomplices. They have planned to rob simultaneously three Las Vegas casinos.

The Terminal

Steven Spielberg’s 2004 movie, The Terminal stars Tom Hanks as Viktor Navorski. It is an unusual and elegant movie. Navorksi is a visitor to New York from Eastern Europe. As the war is raging in the country, he is stranded at the airport. As a result, he is forced to take up a temporary residence out there.

Sleepless In Seattle

Sleepless In Seattle Movie Poster

Starring the heartthrob’s Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in the lead, Sleepless in Seattle is a classic movie. A romantic comedy movie, it offers a poignant and humorous love story. Helmed by Nora Ephron, this movie is simply impossible to resist.

American Made

Starring Tom Cruise as Barry Seal, Doug Liman’s American Made is a funny dark story set amidst a compelling backdrop. The seal is a commercial airline pilot who gets involved in the drug business. But to cut down his jail time, he switches to being a government informant.

The Departed

The Departed Movie Poster

Scorcese’s 2006 brutal crime drama, The Departed, is another cop-criminal chase. Set in South Boston, it offers a strong narrative of two rookie cops. They make an attempt to infiltrate an Irish gang. With a star-studded cast, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, and Ross Wahlberg, this is a story of trust and betrayals.

This list of movies will provide you fresh tales which is stylish, breezily entertaining, and surprisingly sweet. So, if you are looking forward to binge on movies like The Wolf of Wall Street, this is definitely your go-to list.