The Rain Season 4 Renewal Status & All Updates

The Rain Season 4 TV Show Poster

The Rain had left many impressed when the series premiered in 2018. The Danish show explores a post-apocalyptic world. A deadly virus, carried by Rain, had ravaged most of Scandinavia. Two siblings manage to survive the spread of the virus. And then six years later venture out in search of their father.

The show has been on the air for three seasons, with its latest installment releasing this year. It has been consistently one of the highest-rated shows in the country. And has overall managed to earn praise from critics and fans alike. But with Season 3 wrapped up, news has begun to circulate about the show’s future.

The Rain Season 4: Any update about renewing the show?

The Rain aired on Netflix for three seasons. In June 2019, the streaming giants announce the series that it will renew for a third season. Simultaneously it also supposed to be the final outing for members of the cast.

Netflix had announced last year, “We’ll see you in 2020 for the third and final season.” It seems they will be sticking with that decision. The show released this August, and there have been no measures taken to renew the series. It seems fans might have seen the last of the show, and 20 episodes are all they are going to get.

The Rain Season 4: Will it get made?

The show had survived this long, largely because of fan’s opinion. And it might play a big part in determining the future of The Rain. However, it seems certain that Netflix is not going to renew the series for Season 4. That does not necessarily mean the end of the road.

There is always the chance of the series finding a home at a new streaming site. However, it must be said that no new streamer has stepped up so far. The cast has not commented on the show returning. And given the conclusive end to Season 3, a sequel seems a bit distant right now.

The Rain Season 4: What can it be about?

Despite the writings on the wall, fans appear hopeful about another season. The Rain concluded with the group finding a cure for the virus. It was heartfelt and emotional and was able to complete the narrative of the show. If it does return, the creators might have to look elsewhere for a story.

That might pave the way for Simone. Her character has undergone massive growth in the past few seasons. She has always been the Mother Hen for the group. And there is so much there to learn about her. Although a cure has been found, a long task remains in making it available to the public. That might take the show down a new path. Similarly, the show might head for a prequel, showing how the virus came to be.

However, its cancellation might have been heartbreaking for many of its fans. The show seems to have gone off air conclusively. But it is never too bad to hope. And given the freakish nature of this year, their hope might well become a reality.