Is Unorthodox Season 2 Canceled?

Unorthodox Season 2 TV Show Poster

Unorthodox is a German American mini-series with its setting in Yiddish. Fans are eager to know whether the show is going to come back with another season. Netflix dropped this series on its streaming platform in March 2020.

The show is one that is perfect for binge-watching, but there is no surety about getting the second season. Here are all the things you need to know about the second season of Unorthodox.

Is Unorthodox coming back with a second season?

The premiere of the first season was in March 2020. It takes about 1 to 6 months for Netflix to renew or cancel any show. A series renewal largely depends upon its ratings, reviews, and popularity.

But even if Netflix renews the show, the series’s producer reveals somethings to fans in a statement. She said that her team would not bring back unorthodox for another sequel because the story is complete in season one. From the beginning, Unorthodox was going to be a mini-series, and everyone wants to stick with that. The entire efforts they have put in season one will go down the drain if the show continues for another season.

She continues to say that she will be working on other projects with the actors and crew members, but all of them will not continue with the unorthodox story. This level of unwillingness about the second season of the show from the producer herself suggests that Unorthodox will most likely not be back on screen.

Why there is no need to continue Unorthodox for a second season?

The story of the first season of Unorthodox is so complete that a second season is not required. It will disturb the entire balance of the story, and fans may or may not like it. The ending of unorthodox left everyone with a few questions. But every story ends with some questions.

The character of Ester ‘Esty’ Shapiro by Shira Haas says that the only motivation in the character’s life is to find a place where she belongs. Esty’s entire life has gone into trying to fit in when people around her continuously tell her that she is different. The character genuinely wants to find a feeling of familiarity and happiness. By the end of the show, she finds her mother and her new friends. It will not matter whether Esty is accepted into the music program.

By the final episode of Unorthodox, Esty understood the importance of a voice, and she finds it powerfully. Her voice as a singer and her voice as a human being are embraced. Esty sings an overwhelming rendition of a Satmar song for her audition. And, on the other hand, has an honest confrontation about not going to her older life with Yankee.

Unorthodox has four episodes in total, and its inspiration is from Unorthodox: the scandalous rejection of my Hasidic roots. Which is the memo of Deborah Feldman and was out in 2012. The show is most certainly not coming back with a second season, but the makers bite work on some other beautiful project.