Is 68 Whiskey Season 2 Canceled? All Updates

68 Whiskey Season 2 TV Show Poster

68 Whiskey came out on January 15, 2020, and ran till March 18, 2020. The show had ten, one-hour long episodes. It had an IMDb rating of 5.5 and a score of 88% on Rotten Tomatoes and aired on Paramount Network. Roberto Benabib created the show. 68 Whiskey received around two million viewers at the start. Paramount announced the cancellation of the second season of the show.

Here is everything to know about the second season of the 68 Whiskey, including its plot, cast, and cancellation news.

Will it release?

Unfortunately for the fans of the 68 Whiskey, the show is not coming for a second season. On September 2, 2020, Paramount announced that the second season for 68 Whiskey wouldn’t get a green light. The news came as a shock for the viewers. Paramount had also failed to provide a reason for the cancellation of the show. Reports say that the show experienced a decline in ratings after the first season. The cancellation of 68 Whiskey leaves paramount with Yellowstone as Paramount’s only scripted original. Earlier Paramount held rights to Emily In Paris, but it recently moved to Netflix.

Fans who were eagerly waiting for the second season were deeply shocked by the news. Fans took it to Twitter to share their sadness regarding the cancellation of the beloved show. Soon, fans flooded Twitter with tweets of praises of the show. A fan said: “Damn! I liked this show so much. And viewers really need to check out this shows to see if they are worth their time. Too many people say they won’t a show when they don’t understand what the title means. #68Whiskey. At the same time, others joined in, saying, “Great show. Guess it just had too much honesty in it for the public to handle.”

What is the plot of the show, and who starred in it?

The show revolves around a group of army paramedics deployed in Afghanistan, called ‘The Orphanage.’ Together they go through an absurd and dangerous word, occasionally with a little sense of purpose to carry them through. And show blends intense drama with humor well, and actors do ample justice to their characters. The series featured Sam Keeley as Cooper Roback, Gage Golightly as Grace Durkin, Jeremy Tardy as Staff Sergeant Mekhi Davis, Derek Theler as Sasquatch, and Beth Riesgraf as Major Sonia Holloway.

68 Whiskey is based on an Israeli television series called Taagad or Charlie Golf One, from the creator Zion Rubin.

How did the previous season end?

-Spoilers Ahead

The first season ended with the whole squad going deep into Taliban country to recover the lost quarter of Million Dollars. Meanwhile, Colonel Austin finally makes his move against SecCorp.

Fans have since asked Paramount to handover the show to any other streaming service so that the show keeps on running.

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