Dash & Lily Season 1 Release Date, Cast & More

Dash & Lily Season 1 cast poster

Netflix has always come up with many series, which are an adaptation of novels or books. However, this time also they are coming up with such stuff. Dash & Lily is the new coming series on Netflix. Moreover, the makers have adapted this series from a novel composed by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan. Nick Jonas and Shawn Levy have produced the series Dash & Lily. Silberling and Tracz are the executive producers of the series. Fred Savage and Brad Silberling have directed the series. However, the series is based on the romantic-drama, which depicts the relationship between Dash and lily.

The tagline of the series Dash & Lily is: “This holiday, true love is only a dare away.”

The release date of the first season of Dash & Lily

The makers have announced the official release date of the series Dash & Lily. However, the first season of the series Dash & Lily is set to release on November 10, 2020, on Netflix.

The cast details of the first season of Dash & Lily

The main lead of the first season of the series Dash & Lily includes Austin Abrams and Midori Francis star as Dash and Lily, respectively. However, some other cast members of the series include Dante Brown as Boomer, Troy Iwata as Langston, Agneeta Thacker as Aryn, Keana Marie as Sofia, James Saito as Arthur Mori, William Hill as Uncle Sal, Ianne Fields Stewart as Roberta, Diego Guevara as Benny, Patrick Vaill as Mark, Gideon Emery as Adam, Adrienne Lovette, David Rodriguez, Laila Drew as Alice and Matty Evers as Young Dash.

The plot details of the first season of Dash & Lily

The story of the series Dash & Lily revolves around a girl Lily who is searching for love. For love, she leaves her red notebook on her favorite bookshop shelf as her brother advised her. However, later Dash comes across Lily’s book and decides to take on the challenge mentioned in the diary. At last, both of them end up loving each other.

Netflix has announced an official synopsis of the series Dash & Lily: “A whirlwind holiday romance builds as cynical Dash, and optimistic Lily trade dares dreams, and desires in the notebook they pass back and forth at locations all across New York City.”

According to videotape news, “Lily is a 16-year-old young lady and is looking for an amazing love. She follows her sibling’s recommendation and leaves her red journal on her favorite bookshop rack. The book is brimming with dares, and it’s trusting that the correct person will go along and acknowledge Lily’s demand. Run runs over Lily’s book and chooses to take on the test. The team sends each other on a scrounger chase all over Manhattan during Christmas. They begin going gaga for each on-page selves. Their greatest challenge for them will find on the off chance that they have similar chemistry in person also!”

The trailer of the first season of Dash & Lily

The trailer of the series Dash & Lily has already out. Moreover, the trailer has received some positive responses from the viewers.

In the end, everyone is having a lot of expectations from the first season of the series. However, the fans have not to wait a long for the series to arrive in November.