Top 10 TV Shows to Watch If You Liked Doctor Foster

Doctor Foster TV Show Poster

Binge-watching television series is in fashion nowadays. However, this pandemic has created a long way for people to binge-watch television series. Doctor Foster is a television series that has made a great background within the viewers. In the series, Suranne Jones has come up with a formal character. In the series, Dr. Gemma Foster suspects her husband to have an affair. However, after going deep into the matter, she finds out some dark secrets. Some series like Doctor Foster will help the devotees to find out their type of television series. The series is Young Wallander, Marcella, The Fall, Sex Education, The forest, One of Us, Line of Duty, Happy Valley, The Sinner, and Unbelievable.

Young Wallander

Young Wallander tv show scene

The story of the series is about a detective Kurt Wallander. The series also speaks about his balance between his personal and professional life.


The story of the show depicts a former detective from London, Marcella Backland. However, she makes a come back to investigate an open case. The story also informs how an unidentified serial killer becomes active again. Anna Friel has the role of Marcella.

The Fall

The series The Fall is a psychological crime thriller. In the series, a detective from the London Metropolitan Police is appointed to catch a serial killer operating in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Moreover, later the case revolves around the cat and mouse chasing game.

Sex Education

Sex Education TV Show Poster

The series focuses on a teenage boy who teams up with his sex therapist mother and high school classmate. However, they have a mindset to start up a private sex therapy clinic at school.

The Forest

It is a French crime drama series which has come up on Netflix in 2018. However, the story is about how police and a teacher unfolds the mystery of a teenage girl’s disappearance in a village.

One of Us

One of Us TV Show Poster

The story of the series is about how a newly-wed couple is murdered after their honeymoon. However, when the case unfolds, a man came up who is probable to be the murderer.

Line of Duty

The story of the series focuses on Detective Seargent Steve Arnott. He is appointed to grab an Islamic terrorist who is planning for a bomb explosion. However, an unarmed innocent man shot to death as the attacking team entered the wrong apartment.

Happy Valley

Happy Valley TV Show Poster

The story of the series revolves around a detective who got to know about her daughter’s suicide. However, to resolve this issue, she makes a team of officers to find out the man who is responsible for her daughter’s rape.

The Sinner

The series focuses on a detective who resolved the motive of the culprit with the crime. However, in the different seasons of the series, the makers come up with several cases and crimes.


Unbelievable TV Show Poster

The story of the series is based on a true story. The show depicts the rapes which have come up in between 2009 to 2011 in Washington State and Colorado. Moreover, the series is about a girl, Marie Adler, who was raped, but no one believes her due to a lack of evidence. However, later two detectives helped her in this situation.

With this short description of the series like Doctor Froster, everyone can hope that it will help the fans to find out their favorite one. Happy binge-watching!