Top 10 Movies to Watch If You Liked Kingsman

Kingsman Movie Poster

Kingsman quickly topped the list of many moviegoers after its release in 2015. Centered around Eggsy, the movie takes you deep into the world of spies and secret agents. He becomes a member of Kingsman to save the world from a global crisis.

The film had set a benchmark with its stylized action sequences. They were impressive and impactful on a scale like none before. It also received massive praise for the background score and overall treatment of the action genre. And if you are willing to explore more films like Kingsman, the following list will help you. So, here is a list of top 10 movies to watch if you liked Kingsman.

Johnny English

Starring Rowan Atkinson, Johnny English is a parody of the spy genre. The film comically portrays the mission of its MI7 spy. The Crown Jewels have been restored recently. But there are already plans for stealing it. Johnny needs to find a way of thwarting it from happening.


Spy Movie Poster

The 2015 film tells the story of Susan Cooper. She works at the CIA. A nuclear device has been stolen that can wreck humanity. While deployed in its recovery, an agent loses his life. Seeing the opportunity, Susan steps up to take his place in this comedy spy movie.

Get Smart

Get Smart ticks quite a lot of boxes, making it an entertaining film to watch. The movie teams up Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway together in the lead role. Maxwell wants to become a better spy, and teaming up with Agent 99 can make him do just that. But defeating the KAOS turns out much difficult than they had thought.

Knight and Day

Knight and Day Movie Poster

Knight and Day take you to picturesque locations around the globe to solve a case with Roy. Zephyr is an energy source for the future. Roy needs to protect it from falling into the wrong hands. His mission introduces him to June as she tries to figure out the identity of Roy.

Spy Intervention

Spy Intervention is one of the latest movies on this list. The film released this February on Valentine’s Day. Corey is the best spy in the world but retires to create a family with the love of his life. But his marriage is far from happy just when a madman threatens the security of the world. Thus forcing him into action to save the world and his marriage.


Red teams up several of the old guard of Hollywood. Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich all forming a part of the cast. Frank is a retired black-ops agent. However, a few years into his retirement, his life is threatened by an assassin. In the moment of crisis, he relies on the help of his former mates.

Red Sparrow

Red Sparrow Movie Poster

The spy thriller was a massive hit with the audience. Jennifer Lawrence appears as Dominika Egorova- a Russian spy. An injury forces her career as a ballerina. She turns into a Russian spy and is deployed against CIA agents. However, with deep mysteries brewing, her story quickly takes a turn.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

The movie draws heavy inspirations from a 1964 series of the same name. CIA and KGB are at each other throats. However, a new crisis arises where operatives from the two organizations need to become allies. With the rising threat of nuclear armageddon, the two faces tough times together.

2 Guns

The movie littered with fun and silly moments. It is both an action and comedy treat, something which is rare for the genre. Two agents gear up to take down a drug lord. But being undercover, they are unaware of their identities. Chaos follows as the mysteries within the movie begins to unfold.

Men in Black

Men In Black Movie Poster

The 1997 movie was one of the biggest hits of all time. Casting Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith was a recipe for success. As the two agents K and J, the duo strives to protect the world from other planets’ threats. However, it is rarely easy going for the men as intergalactic disaster looms.

The spy genre is one of intense thrill and suspense. But directors have shown how it can also be used for comedic effect. The list here boats the best from both worlds. So the hope is you won’t be disappointed by any of the movies featuring on the list.

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