Top 10 Mind Boggling TV Shows Like Gypsy

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The Netflix psycho-drama Gypsy, premiering on Netflix, is a story-driven by women. It stars Naomi Watts in Jean Holloway, a bored, voyeuristic therapist as she blurs the boundaries between personal and professional life, the forces of her desire clash with reality. However, she develops an illicit relationship with her patients. And the impacts of her actions are more than what she can imagine.

While Netflix quickly canceled this original series, here are ten mind-boggling shows like Gypsy that you can watch.

La Reina del Sur

La Reina del Sur TV Show Poster

Based on Arturo Perez-Reverte’s novel, La Reina del Sur is a Spanish tv series first launched in 2011. It stars Kate del Castillo as Teresa Mendoza. Likewise, the plot of the series follows Mendoza’s rise from being a naive girlfriend to the leader of a drug cartel. Also, the series returned for a second season in 2019.

Playing with Fire

A seductive and capricious series, Playing with Fire, is an American drama TV show. Certainly, it is based on the 2014 Brazilian miniseries scripted by George Moura, Amores Roubados. The plot brings you the intertwined story of three prosperous women Martina, Camila, and Martina’s daughter Andrea. However, they fall for handsome Fabrizio, who is in Colombia’s Coffee Triangle. And the consequences of this seductive relationship brings excellent disruption to their lives.

How to Get Away with Murder

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With six seasons to binge through, Peter Nowalk’s award-winning series offers a strong narrative of thrilling murder cases. The plot follows a law professor’s lives and her aspiring students who are now drawn into a real-life murder conspiracy.

Dirty John

Alexandra Cunningham’s true crime anthology series, Dirty John, will consume you from the beginning to the end. Set in Southern California, the series explores the theme of love gone wrong. The series is gripping and terrifying as it explores the nuances of a catastrophic relationship. It offers you a good look at every story’s two sides to remind the audience that things are not always what they seem to be.

Dark Desire

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A Mexican thriller series, Dark Desire, is an erotic series that has an added depth of many complex themes. This Spanish- language Netflix original series follows the plot of Alma Solares. While she is married, she spends a fateful weekend away from home, which, even though it ignites passion, descends into tragedy. This leads her to question everything about her life.


A Mexican political drama web television series, Ingobernable, is a heavy cliffhanger series that will keep you intrigued thoroughly. It is a fictional story about Mexico’s first lady who sets on a journey to discover the truth amidst political turmoil.


An American thriller streaming television miniseries, What/If is an exquisite, binge-worthy series. Renée Zelwegger stars as Anne Montgomery, who makes a proposal to young Lisa. Lisa is a scientist who is desperately in need of funds for her med-tech startup. A steamy story with generous dollops of thrilling sequences, What/If should be on the watch list.

The Club

The Club TV Show Poster

Directed by Camila Ibarra, The Club is a Mexican crime drama tv series. It follows a band of misfit kids belonging to elite families in Mexico. They now roll down to sell MDMA, which lands them into trouble with the other narcos, law, and their families.


Created by Verónica Fernández, Hache is a Spanish crime drama web tv series. The series will land you in 1960s Barcelona. Certainly, Adriana Ugarte stars as the prostitute Helena, who paves her way to a heroin cartel leader’s heart. And she doesn’t stop at this to rise to power.


Perfume cast poster

A meticulously crafted series, Perfume is a German television series produced for ZDFneo. A woman is found dead with her scent glands removed from her body. Moreover, this leads the detectives on a quest to discover this psychopathic murderer.

All of these series are captivating and ethereal, combining several themes in its complex plot. If you are looking for Gypsy series, this list of series will surely keep you hooked thoroughly.

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