Top 10 Horror Movies to Watch If You Liked Annabelle

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As a part of the Conjuring Universe, Annabelle does not fail in scaring you during its entire runtime. Directed by John R. Leonetti, the film matches up to its predecessor. It is a prequel to The Conjuring and sets up the story of the possessed doll.

The film gathered much attention during its release, with fans praising it for the multiple scare moments. Annabelle went on to earn almost $300 million worldwide and resulted in a sequel of its own. But it is not the only popular horror flick you can come across. Here is a list of 10 horror movies to watch if you liked Annabelle.

The Nun

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The Nun was a much-anticipated movie of 2018. Continuing the Conjuring Universe forward, the movie takes place in Romania in 1952. Father Burke and Sister Irene are sent to investigate the death of a young Nun. Their discovery leaves them confronted with a demonic force.

The Possession

The film is sure enough to send a shiver down your spine. Emily buys an antique box with Hebrew inscriptions at a yard sale. All seems fine at first before bizarre things begin to happen around her. Until the box takes possession of her body, and there seems to be no end to her misery.


Demonic Movie Poster

Directed by Will Canon, the film made its official release in 2016. The movie begins with the curious death of a group of friends in Louisiana. The friends killed while summoning spirits from other realms. But there remains one survivor, and the situation remains more complicated than it appears.

The Unborn

A dybbuk takes possession of the body of a young woman. Released in 2009, the film starred Odette Annable as Casey Beldon. A spirit of a young boy begins to loom around her. When eventually, it gains control over her. Her only hope remains in the Rabbi, who can save her.

Case 39

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Case 39 made its debut in 2009. Lillith Sullivan experiences tough times with her parents. With fears of being oppressed by them, Emily is sent to investigate the family. She discovers the true plight of young Lillith. However, Emily learns something even more sinister, lurking under the surface.

Lights Out

Director David F. Sandberg did not miss the mark with his 2016 film, Lights Out. A mysterious shadow of a woman is cast heavily over a family. Rebecca and Martin’s father loses his life at the factory. Not long after, a curious woman is befriended by her mother. But suspicion arises as unanswered incidents begin to take place in their home.

The Devil Inside

The Devil Inside Movie Poster

The movie is styled in the form of a documentary. Isabella pursues to know the truth behind her mother. Two decades back, she had committed three murders while being possessed. Her daughter tried to find the answer by documenting multiple cases of exorcisms.

The Conjuring

The 2013 film was a masterpiece in the horror film genre. Directed by James Wan, the movie tells the story of a family in Rhode Island. As the family tries to settle down in their new home, mysterious occurrences begin taking place. The family finally rely on the help of Ed and Lorraine Warren.


The film is eerie, and the events escalate quickly. A group of friends finds an Ouija board. Interested in trying it out, they use it to interact with each other. But ends up making summoning a spirit called DZ. With their life on the line, the group needs to find a way to escape it.


Verónica Movie Poster

The Spanish film made quite a bit of a stir after its release. Verónica is a young girl who tries to recall the spirit of her father. Along with her friends, she tries to summon his spirit with an Ouija board. However, their efforts goes wrong as evil spirits hound them.

The horror genre has always been a popular choice for most fans. There are several names that most people are aware of. However, the above list brings you the films which are a must-watch for this genre. And they are not likely to let you down.

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