Top 10 Games to Play If You Liked Haunting Ground

Haunting Ground Game Poster

Haunting Ground is a survival horror game from Capcom which came out in 2005. The game provides a chilling and fantastic experience, which is enough for an adrenaline rush.

So, here is the list of top 10 survival horror games just like Haunting Ground.


The Outlast Trials Game Poster

Outlast is a horror survival game from the developer and publisher Red Barrels. The game is in the first-person mode. The game follows an investigative journalist Miles Upshur as he survives through a psychiatric hospital in Leadville, Colorado. Certainly, the player must use stealth moves like running, crouching, hiding, etc to stay. The gameplay does not allow the player to attack.

Silent Hill

Silent Hill comes from the publisher Konami and developer Team Silent. The games series ran from 1999 to 2003. Silent Hill is in Third Person mode. The game follows Harry Mason trying to find his daughter Cheryl mason through a city filled with monsters. Also, the player must combat, survive, and solve puzzles to proceed through the game.

Clock Tower

Clock Tower Game Poster

Clock Tower is a point-and-click horror survival game from Human Entertainment and Capcom. The first three games of the franchise are just basic point-and-click video game with supernatural and horror elements. However, the fourth game is a full horror survival game.

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is a single-player mode action-adventure game from Sony Computer Entertainment. The game allows the player to control four different protagonists in the third player view. The storyline depends upon the choices of the player and alters the ending.


Detention Game Poster

Detention is a Chinese horror adventure video game from the developer and publisher Red Candle Games. The storyline of the game is set in 1960 Taiwan, which is known as the White Terror Period. The game follows two students who find themselves trapped in Greenwood High School. They soon discover that the school is haunted by evil creatures called “Lingered.”

Resident Evil

Resident Evil is a Japanese Horror Action Game from the developer and publisher Capcom. The game follows survival and fighting with zombie and monsters’ outbreak and is in the third player view. The game is widely adapted into comics, novels, merchandise, and big-screen movies.

Until Dawn

Until Dawn game poster

Until Dawn is a survival drama horror game that came out in 2015. It comes from the developer Supermassive Games and publisher Sony Computer Entertainment. The game depends upon the choices player makes. Moreover, the storyline follows a group of eight who must survive until Dawn.

Fatal Frame

Fatal Frame is known as Zero in Japan and Project Zero in Europe. Koei Tecmo is the developer and the publisher of the game. The game is set in the 1980s in Japan, and the characters must survive and fight the Supernatural Catastrophe they are facing.

Alan Wake

Alan Wake Game Poster

From the developer Remedy Entertainment and publisher Microsoft Studios, Alan Wake is a third-person action-adventure game. The player takes the role of a fiction author, Alan Wake, in a town where darkness is taking over animals and humans. However, the player must find Alan’s wife while surviving the nightlife of the city.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent comes from the Frictional Games. The game revolves around Daniel and plays in the timeline of 1989. Likewise, the player must navigate through Brennenburg Castle and survive the supernatural dangers. The player has to solve puzzles and mysteries to survive the game.

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