Why Krypton Season 3 is Canceled?

Krypton Season 3 TV Show Poster

The DC universe is extensive has numerous superheroes with beautiful stories. Most of these stories are not explored further when it comes to the comics or the movies. Krypton is one such planet that has a lot of stories to tell. It is the home of Superman, and here are all the recent updates about the third season of Krypton.

Details about Krypton

The show has a total of 2 seasons with ten episodes each. David S Goyer is the developer and the producer for Krypton. The other producers include Damian Kindler and Cameron Welsh. This series has a lot of action, drama, science fiction, and different superheroes.

Is Krypton coming back with a third season?

Syfy is not going to continue with Krypton for its third season. After the first two seasons were over, they pulled their support from the show. Therefore Krypton will not be coming back with a third season.

What are the reasons behind the cancellation of the third season of Krypton?

One of the significant reasons why Syfy did not give the green light to the third season of Krypton was the reduction in viewership. The show was also facing a fall in its popularity, and the makers did not think it was a good option to go ahead with the third season.

After the first season, the viewership also reduced drastically, which was not a good sign. The lack of viewers also resulted in season 2 failing to match the reviews of the first season. However, some critics say that the second part was much better than the first. But the quality of season two degraded way too much, and Syfy decided to walk away.

All of these reasons were behind the cancellation of the show for the new seasons.

Why was the show not able to engage the audiences?

The major problem with Krypton is that its characters are set too far in the past with having an air of unfamiliarity. Krypton is the home planet of Clark Kent, popularly known as Superman. But the thing is that Superman is not yet born, and in fact, his father is still a child on the show.

The unfamiliarity with the characters was resulting in a lot of viewers to stop watching the show. Along with that, fans did not find the plot very amusing. The only recognizable characters were Brainiac, General Zod, and Adam Strange, who are the time travelers to present-day Earth.

What was the general storyline of Krypton?

Krypton will give a viewer insight into the origins of Superman. The series does not feature the superhero but starts with the story of his ancestors. It is set 200 years before the time of Superman.

This show follows Seg-El, who is the grandfather of Superman. The house of El is facing a lot of humiliation and shame. Seg has to fight for the honor of his family and to protect his loved ones from all the Chaos that is going to come ahead. He has to find a way to clear the family name.

For the ones who like Krypton, it is indeed sad news. But DC is still exploring its universe, and that means different characters will get the limelight along with exciting storylines.