Gaming King's Bounty II Release Date, Gameplay & Every Update

King’s Bounty II Release Date, Gameplay & Every Update


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King’s Bounty is a classic game that every gamer in the world is familiar with. Created by New World Computing the fantasy game made its debut in 1990. Although the game was short, it was challenging and fun to play. The edition proved to be one of the most popular games of the series.

Now, three decades after its release, fans are finally going to get a sequel. The upcoming game is expected to widen the universe established by its predecessor. The RPG will transport the players into the world of the game as they earn a first-hand experience about the intricacies of the world.

King’s Bounty II: When is it Releasing?

The first game of the series proved to be a huge success. Since then talks have been ongoing about a possible return of the series. But nothing much came out of it until recently. Finally, fans around the world were startled by the announcement of the game in August 2019.

A Nintendo version of the game was announced in the March of the following year. That was just before the pandemic ravaged the world. However, despite the effects of the deadly virus, the game looks set to stick with the original release date of the game. King’s Bounty II will hit the shelves in March 2021. It will be available on Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

King’s Bounty II: What is the Gameplay?

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Not many details about the upcoming have disclosed in the public domain. However, King’s Bounty II is going to be a significant step up from its predecessor. Players will have a lot more control over the story. In most of the levels, there are going to be multiple choices for them to choose from with each of those choices determining the direction of their stories.

The world in the game has got significant upgrades. With hyper-realistic, volumetric battlefields, there is not going to be a dull moment. The landscape all around is going to be flexible and shall change according to the story.

The characters have become customizable as well. With the players having the freedom of choosing how their avatars look and react. The battles are going to be dependent more heavily on shrewd tactics. But the modern squads’ feature is going to lend you much flexibility.

King’s Bounty II: What is the Story?

The story takes place in the land of Antara. Existing on the realm is the vast kingdom of Nostria. However, chaos all around has piled refugees within the walls of the kingdom. Risking the stability of the region is a new type of species. They are vast and distorted. Once living, the creatures now are a menace to the region. With every step of the world being a survival fight, determine the future of the region with your actions.

King’s Bounty II: Is there a Trailer?

The game was quick to give the fans a quick view of the upcoming adventure. The first trailer dropped in August of 2019 and immediately posted over a million views.

The first glimpse of King’s Bounty II is promising. It has made sure that the fans know precisely the kind of adventure that awaits them. There is a lot at stake here. And one false step might prove to be disastrous for your clan. But that is only going to add to the excitement of playing when the game drops eventually.

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