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Hugh Jackman is coming back on our big screens with a new science fiction movie named Reminiscence. The location of this new movie is Miami in the future. But Miami is suffering from a lot of climate changes. Lisa Joy will be directing this science fiction thriller movie. Here are all the recent updates and trending news surrounding it.

What are the origins of the new film?

In an interview with Lisa Joy, she reveals a lengthy explanation regarding the origins behind Reminiscence. She says that the film will be close to the near future. A future that human beings will be experiencing soon in real life. Joy continues saying that the future has two sides to it. One side is a little cold, being sleek and with buildings that gleam, whereas the other side will be gritty or dystopian.

Reminiscence will be a blend of both these sides of the future. Lisa Joy also releases another statement about the film, which continues saying that the film’s future will naturally unfold. The audience is not going to feel out of place or something that is entirely hypothetical.

Reminiscence buildings are not going to change, and neither something that humans will never see before.

Details about the setting of the movie?

Reminiscence is going to take influence from the biracial culture of the director. Reminiscence is a baby to Lisa Joy. She is taking care of all the minute details in the movie.

The setting, which is Miami, has a mix of both Thailand and Venice. Viewers will find the essence of Venice in Miami, along with the floating markets of Thailand. The rich people take over the dry parts, and the rest of the community is left with the flooded areas. The wetlands are getting new communities to start.

The director also says that she wanted to create something that immense culture and be equally appealing to everyone.

When is Reminiscence going to premiere?

There are no official announcements on the release date of the movie. Makers are also not telling anything about this news because of the coronavirus pandemic. The ongoing pandemic is causing a considerable amount of problems for the film industry worldwide. However, there are speculations that the movie will be out by 2021.

Who is the star cast for Reminiscence?

The three major actors who are a part of the star cast for this new science fiction thriller film are Hugh Jackman, Daniel Wu, and Rebecca Ferguson. Actors Ferguson and Jackman are going to star in a movie together for a second time after The Greatest Showman, a musical film released in 2017.

Hugh Jackman will be playing the role of Nick Bannister, who is the protagonist of the film. His character is something that is a mix of Humphrey Bogart and Wolverine. Daniel Wu will be in the role of the antagonist in Reminiscence. On the other hand, Ferguson will play the role of someone who needs the help of Nick Bannister.

Reminiscence is creating a fair amount of excitement among people. The movie is so special for the famous Westworld star Lisa Joy because it is her first directorial debut.

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