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Green Lantern TV Show poster

Green Lantern is a significant part of the DC universe, and it is soon getting a television show. Fans will be able to see all their favorite characters from the enormous DC mythology. HBO decided to create a series for Green Lantern. Here is all the recent update about this new show full.

Which characters are going to be a part of the TV show Green Lantern?

Warner Bros confirmed that Green Lantern is going to be one of the biggest TV shows of the DC universe. The makers are not sure about the actors who will be a part of this TV show, but they are definitely sure of the characters that are going to feature in the Green Lantern.

Highland Scott, who is a prominent member of the Justice Society of America and is also the golden age Green Lantern, will be a part of the show. Jessica Cruz, who is currently a Green Lantern and has become a fan favorite, will play the female protagonist’s role. She will also be a symbol of a superhero dealing with PTSD and anxiety.

Next in line is Simon Baz, who is a Green Lantern from the Middle East. He is also the first Middle Eastern character to be a part of the Green Lantern universe. This character represents the victims of racism and multiple Islam of orbit attack of 9/11. Guy Gardner, who becomes a Green Lantern to get a purpose in his life after being abused by his father, will also be a part of the show.

He is also the founding member of the Justice League International. Sinestro, a prominent villain of The Green Lantern universe, will be a part of the show. Before giving up his green energy, he was initially a Green Lantern and transitioned into yellow representing here ever since.

Finally, fans will also see Kilowog, a trainer to the Green Lantern Corps recruits. These characters confirmed by the makers to be a part of the TV show.

Is there a connection between the movies and the TV show?

Although both the movies and the TV show are derived from the DC universe, specifically the Green Lantern, there is no other connection.

Similarly, the 2011 film did not receive good reviews and was a flop at the box office. Apart from this 2011 film and a TV show, there is a new film about the Green Lantern by the name Green Lantern Corps.

What is the release date for the Green Lantern TV show?

There are no official announcements about the release date for this TV show. The coronavirus pandemic is causing a hindrance in the development of the film. You can only hope that this show comes out soon.

Green Lantern is going to be a live-action TV show. Greg Berlanti is the producer behind the Green Lantern. Fans are full of excitement as well as anxiousness about this new show. The best part of the show will be the multiple favorite characters that will be back on screen.