Fallen Legion Revenants Release Date & All Trending News

Fallen Legion Revenants Game Poster

Mintsphere, an Indonesian studio, and Yummy Yummy Tummy, are Fallen, legion developers. This thrilling game has NIS America as its Publishers. Fallen Legion is a classic Japanese role-playing game, which is also the reason for its popularity. Due to this, the makers are deciding on coming back with a new game in its series.

The name of the sequel is going to be fallen legion: revenants. Here are all the recent updates about the additional features, new storyline, and all the other fallen legion updates: Revenants.

What is the Fallen Legion series all about?

Fallen legion: sins of an Empire is the first part of the series. The game established in a fictional empire of Fenumia, which is on its verge of destruction. As a player, you will have to save the kingdom and do everything you can to protect it. One of the story’s main characters is Princess Cecille, who gets the responsibility of ruling the empire after a father’s demise.

The Legacy of the princess is significant to her, but at the same point in time, she is not at all prepared to take up the responsibility of an entire kingdom. The antagonist character in the game is General Legatus Laendur, who will attack Fenumia with his Army.

The other two games in the fallen legion series are Fallen legion: Flames of rebellion and Fallen legion: rise to glory. Both of these games follow a similar storyline but has some new additional features and aspects to it.

What is going to be the gameplay of Fallen Legion: Revenants?

Every new Fallen legion game has a set of fresh and unique features to it. The same is going to happen with this new game in the series. As a player, you will choose the narrative, and based on the options you select, the story will continue. This means that it is the player who controls where the story leads in the game.

The player will be in the role of Rowena, who is the commander of the exemplars. This character will help defeat the enemies and use powers for multiple action sequences. The gameplay also involved navigation inside the castle, and there is a character specially design to do so. Lucien will act as a navigator, and the player has access to collectibles, magic potions, and other things to win the game.

What is going to be the release date for Fallen Legion: Revenants?

During an official announcement at the newgame+ Expo live stream, Fallen legion: revenants are going to be available on Play Station 4 and Nintendo switch. However, there are no official announcements on a definite release date for the game. This is also due to the coronavirus pandemic, which is causing some trouble in developing the game.

However, rumors suggest that the game will be released by 2021.

The fallen legion series is extremely popular and has a massive fan base. This is also making the creators keep quiet about the game’s details so that the excitement among fans is pertinent. One can only hope that the game releases as soon as possible.