Is Giri/Haji Season 2 Canceled? & All Updates

Giri/Haji Season 2 TV Show Poster

The literal translation of Giri/Haji is Duty/Shame. It was back in October 2019 that the show first aired on BBC. It was in 2020 that Netflix added the show to its streaming portal for multiple regions. Unfortunately, there is not going to be a new season for the show.

What are the reasons behind the cancellation of the show?

A spokesperson at BBC says that they are incredibly proud of Giri/Haji because of its recognition. Still, due to lack of space in the schedules and calendars, the show will not be returning for another season. BBC wants to give way to other dramas as well. The spokesperson concludes by saying that they are grateful to the entire cast and crew of the show.

A Netflix spokesperson says that fans’ disappointment was enormous because the show has both popularity and potential. Fans are using social media to request the makers to have Giri/ Haji back on screen with a second season.

Sister Pictures, who were also a part of the show, say that they were done with a lot of planning for the upcoming seasons. They were even ready with the characters in season 2. Everyone is still hoping to hear some positive news about Giri/ Haji.

What is Giri/ Haji all about?

The show revolves around a detective from Tokyo, Kenzo Mori. He is out on a search and travels to London to find his brother, Yuto, who was assumed dead by everyone. Kenzo’s brother has an accusation of murdering the nephew of an organized crime syndicate in Japan. This member threatens destruction in Tokyo by starting a gang war. Kenzo roams around in London to uncover his brother’s secrets as to whether he is guilty or not.

In the process of finding his brother, Kenzo meets with a young Britsh-Japanese sex worker, Rodney Yamaguchi, and a Metropolitan police inspector, DC Sarah Weitzmann. He also has to support the family that Kenzo has back home. Amidst all of this, Kenzo comes the most influential people of the criminal underworld of London.

Who were the actors part of the show?

There is no season 2 coming, but the actors who were a part of the first season are Takehiro Hira as Kenzo Mori who is a Tokyo detective, Yosuke Kubozuka as Yuto Mori, who is the younger brother of Kenzo, Will Sharpe as Rodney Yamaguchi, who is a British-Japanese sex worker, Kelly Macdonald as Sarah Weitzmann who is a detective of the Metropolitan Police.

The supporting actors include Aoi Okuyama, Charlie Creed-Miles, Sophia Brown, Mitsuko Oka, Anna Sawai, Too Igawa, Katsuya, Masahiro Motoki, Justin Long, Yuko Nakamura, Tony Pitts, Tony Way, Jamie Draven, and Yoshiki Minato.

The creator and writers of this fantastic crime thriller are Joe Barton. Giri/ Haji has a total of eight episodes, which you can binge-watch anytime.

The news of it not coming back with a second season is disheartening, and fans cannot believe it. However, everyone hopes that someone picks up the show and that it is back on screen.