TV Shows 10 Best Drama Shows Like I Am Not Okay With This

10 Best Drama Shows Like I Am Not Okay With This


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Are you someone who likes coming of age dramas? Then this is the perfect article for you. Netflix has a set of romantic teenage dramas, the ones full of comedy and drama, and the ones which have a dark side to them as well.

I am Not Okay with this is a coming of age web series available on Netflix. It is full of drama and comedy. The story follows Sydney Novak, who is a young teenager living with her mother and younger brother. Her father committed suicide a year back, and she is disturbed after his untimely death. Sydney has a guidance counselor who recommends her start maintaining a personal diary to vent out her feelings. Here is a list of entertaining web series that you are going to enjoy immensely.

On My Block

On My Block cast poster

This show has a total of two seasons with 28 episodes. Due to the popularity of On my Block, it has not renewed for a third season. It follows the story of four teenagers dealing with life and managing their friendship. This show’s setting is in Freeride, a rough Los Angeles neighborhood in the city’s inner part.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

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The inspiration for this book is from an Archie comic book series with the same name. Sabrina Spellman is a prominent figure in the Archie comics. Initially, this show would have Riverdale as its companion series, but it was best to keep it individual. The show is set in Greendale, which is a fictional town where Sabrina Spellman lives. She is half-mortal and a half-witch who has to fight against threatening evil forces.

Everything Sucks

Everything Sucks TV Show Poster

This show is a parody of the mid-1990s teen cultures. More specifically, the show is set during 1996 in Boring, Oregon. Everything Sucks revolves around a group of teenagers attending a fictional high school in Boring. The teenagers try to experiment with their sexualities, deal with growing up, and maintain mental health.

The End of the Fucking World

This show focuses on dark comedy and talks about two teenagers. James, a 17-year-old boy who thinks that he is a psychopath, catches Alyssa’s attention, who wants to go far away from her life at home. The inspiration for the show is from a mini-comics series by Forsman.

Sex Education

Sex Education TV Show Poster

This is a fantastic British web series with a whole lot of comedy and drama. It revolves around the lives of Otis Milburn, who is an insecure teenager, and her mother, who is a sex therapist. The young girl is ambivalent about sex because her mother is so frank about the multiple aspects of sexuality. Otis sets up a business where she gives sexual pieces of advice to her classmates with the help of a troubled but confident classmate, Maeve.


Zendaya stars in this American teen drama, where it follows a group of students in high school. The teenagers go through life and their experiences with mental health, trauma, sex, identity, love, friendship, and drugs. The inspiration for Euphoria is from a miniseries with the same name.


Maniac cast poster

Maniac, as the name suggests, is an American dark comedy psychological series. Its inspiration is from a Norwegian series by Espen PA Lervaag of the same name. The story follows a mind-bending pharmaceutical trial where two strangers connect randomly.


This is an exciting show where it follows a new main character in every new season. This is giving the series some level of diversity when the show is seen from numerous character perspectives. It follows a group of teenagers in Hartvig Nissen School in the West End Oslo. All the main characters get equal importance as they play a central role in every new season.

Russian Doll

Russian Doll cast poster

This show is a drama-comedy series where it follows a game developer, Nadia Vulvokov. Nadia repeatedly dies in a game and relives the same night stuck in a time loop. She tries to find a solution to get out of this loop and finds Alan Zaveri, who is stuck in a similar situation.

Feel Good

This show is filled with comedy, romance, and drama. It follows the romance of George and Mae in contemporary London. Geroge is a typical middle-class woman, and Mae is a Canadian comedian. They meet at the comedy club where Mae works. Events of their romance and individual lives follow from there.

All of the shows in the list above are entertaining and fun to watch. Most of them have very few episodes, which makes it easier to binge-watch. Go ahead and check each one of them out. Happy watching!

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