Netflix Release Date Feel Good Season 2 & More

Feel Good TV Show Poster

The British comedy took everyone by surprise when the series dropped this year. Created by Mae Martin and Joe Hampson, nobody had much clue about what to expect. But it is fair to say that the show exceeded all expectations. With critics being left impressed by the depiction on screen.

The show has quickly become one of the most underrated hits of the year. The series focuses on the relation between Mae and George. The two faces various tribulations of love as they learn to accept each other for who they are. Honest, moving, and funny could be the best way to describe the show. And with season one ending recently, fans are already excepting Season two of Feel Good to come soon.

Feel Good Season 2: When is it Releasing?

The series was initially given the green light to premiere for just a season. In hindsight, it can say that Channel four was right to provide the show with a chance. The six episodes long first season received stunning reviews from critics. And its high viewership might convince Netflix and Channel four to renew the show.

While fans wait for an announcement about the show’s renewal, it won’t be here anytime soon. Hoping the show would be renewed later this year, filming wouldn’t be much of a challenge. That might set the show up brilliantly for a release by mid-2021. Otherwise, the wait can stretch up to Thanksgiving.

Feel Good Season 2: Who might Return?

The show hasn’t renewed for a second season yet. So it would be too early to know for sure who might be returning for a possible Season two. However, fans would love to see the pair of Mae Martin and Charlotte Ritchie returning.

Given they are the protagonists of the show, this would be expected. Lisa Kudrow stole the show last season with her performance as Mae’s mother. She will welcome warmly by fans, as will be Sophie Thompson and Phil Burgers.

Feel Good Season 2: What will be the Story?

Season 1 ended poorly for Mae. She lost her Narcotics Anonymous sponsor and had a face-off in her professional life. Everything that could go wrong for her has. And with her cheating on George, their relationship is going to take a rough speed bump.

All this chaos might see her return back to her home from London. Canada would give Mae a much-needed break. And together with George, they might be able to focus heavily on mending their relationship. The creators have expressed their desire to explore the growth of their characters in this season. And the way Season 1 ended, it might set the stage perfectly for the upcoming season.

Feel Good Season 2: What about a Trailer?

The series is still awaiting the confirmation of renewed for a second season. Naturally, a trailer at this moment is far off. However, things might become more apparent once the release date for Season two of Feel Good is announced.

Feel Good is a comedy series that takes itself very seriously. And the quality of the first season speaks of that. While the pandemic has enforced a long break, it will not dampen the spirits of the crew. So expect the second season of the show to spring back with more of what made it so special in the first place.