Wentworth Season 9 Release Date & Latest News

Wentworth Season 9 TV Show Poster

Wentworth is an Australian television series and is running successfully for eight seasons. Its first broadcast was in May 2013 on Soho. The show has a total of 90 episodes spread across eight seasons. Fans are curious to know more about a new season. Here is everything you need to know about the ninth season of Wentworth.

Is Wentworth coming back with a new season?

Yes, Netflix has given a green signal to the ninth and final season of Wentworth. The show is top-rated, and Netflix had to renew it. But sadly, it will be the last season of this fantastic show, so relish it well.

When is the ninth season of Wentworth going to be available?

There is a piece of positive news about season nine’s renewal status and that it has also completed its filming and production. There is no official release date as of now, but an update suggests that the ninth season will premiere in 2021 on Australian television.

The show’s Netflix premiere will also not take long after Wentworth season nine releases on Australian television. This is because it was right after the eighth season’s final episode that the show’s Seasons 5-8 were available on Netflix. Following this, it is most likely that Wentworth’s ninth season will premiere in the United States Netflix a day after its finale episode in Australia. Speculations suggest that the show will be available by 2021, but can say not much until any further confirmation.

How many episodes will the ninth season of Wentworth have?

The new season of Wentworth will be getting a total of 10 episodes. There are only a few seasons of Wentworth that have 12 episodes.

What is Wentworth all about?

Wentworth’s inspiration is from a show that was aired from 1979 to 1986 on network ten by the name ‘Prisoner.’ The series is set during the present times and focuses on a prisoner in the Wentworth women’s prison called Bea Smith. It talks about Smith’s early days in jail and how she rises to become one of the influential people of imprisonment rising in the hierarchy.

Smith is put into prison after attempting to murder her husband. She goes on remand to Wentworth away from her daughter until her sentence. Bea forced to find ways to survive in prison; things will be difficult for her.

What is going to happen in the ninth season of Wentworth?

Wentworth is going to pick up the story from the previous season about the prisoners at the Wentworth Prison. There was a twist during the last season when an old inmate, Joan Ferguson, returns. This will most likely be a focal point in season nine. But there are no updates as to where the story of Wentworth and its inmates will go.

Wentworth is running successfully, and fans are sad about it coming to an end. But this last season is going to be best than ever. Until the ninth season is not out, you can watch season eight to have a new recap. Stay safe, stay connected.