Watchmen Season 2 Release Date, Storyline & More

Watchmen Season 2 TV Show Poster

Written in 1986, Watchmen created a mind-warping story, which reshaped the world of comic books. The story is far from the usual superhero comics. It was a satire for the society. And more impressively, displayed a human and flawed side of the heroes.

Created by Damon Lindelof, Watchmen recreates the same emotions on screen. The first season of the show was a massive success. It was unique, refreshing, and a story the superhero genre had needed. The show has tried to receive the comic in the present world with great accuracy. And after a successful first stint, fans can’t wait for Watchmen Season 2.

Watchmen Season 2: Will it Return?

The first season of the show was a commercial and critical hit. With 11 Emmys in its bag, the desire for a sequel is expectedly high. The main reason for the show’s success was the vision of the director. Lindelof has previously explained that he viewed the season as “self-contained.”

He had felt satisfied with the story he told in Season 1. And had never planned it as a long-running series. So, as of 2020, he has no desire to return; however, he promises to help whoever takes charge from him. At the same time, HBO seems unwilling to revive the show without Lindelof involved in some capacity. But the show has not been canceled just yet. So there is still hope. If the show does return, it will be a while and perhaps will need Lindelof to be convinced.

Watchmen Season 2: Who might Return?

With Season 2 of Watchmen not being confirmed yet, it will be better not to speculate. There is no official list of the cast who are assured of returning for the sequel. But fans expect most of the surviving heroes to return when the upcoming season gets made.

Sister Night, Looking Glass, Ozymandias, and Laurie Blake all survived the last season. Therefore it would be nice to see Regina King, Tim Blake Nelson, Jeremy Irons, and Jean Smart. However, you will need to wait until the official announcement before getting your hopes high.

Watchmen Season 2: What Might Happen?

If the series does return, there is not going to be any shortage of storylines. The first season managed to tell a complete story. At the same time, it had left several threads loose that needs tying up. One of which is how the world deals with the loss of Dr. Manhattan.

One way forward might be with Sister Night inheriting his power. But if not, then what might happen? Similarly, there are questions about Nite Owl. He still imprisoned that that can’t possibly be how he signs off. And with several foreshadowing last season, no one will be surprised with his return.

Watchmen Season 2: Is there a Trailer?

No, there is no one and won’t be one anytime soon either. And there is no official announcement, a trailer is a long way off.

It looks like a long wait ahead for the fans of the series. Watchmen had re-invented the original graphic novel in a clever, modern way. But since it has not been shut down completely, hopes have not been crushed. Fans can only but wait for HBO to return with Watchmen.