The Croods 2 Release Date & Latest News

The Croods 2 Movie Poster

The Croods is a fantastic piece of animation by Dreamworks and Universal. Its first release back in 2013 when the audience like the story because it was different. The voice-over cast also got its fair share of appreciation. But over the years, fans did not hear any updates about them until the official announcement by Universal. The Croods is coming back for a second movie, and here are all the recent updates about it.

What is The Croods all about?

The film follows a Neanderthal family who is happily living in their cave until its destruction. They are left with no home and have to travel. The Croods has never come out from the cave’s comfort and now have to wander on unknown territories. The family meets a young boy whose whereabouts are mysterious, but he is accommodating in the journey.

Is The Croods coming back for a second movie?

After its first release in 2013, there was no news about it until 2017. Universal and Dreamworks made an official announcement about the making of a second Croods movie. This movie is called The Croods: A New Age. But there was a long period of silence again until Universal makes another announcement about it.

When is The Croods: A New Age going to premiere?

The first film was a massive success with a worldwide grossing of more than $500 million. The creators were keen on making another movie, but due to other projects in line, The Croods was facing a delay. The second movie was initially going to release by 2018, but this was not possible. Universal and Dreamworks announce that the film will release by September 2020. Later on, due to a shuffle with the theatrical schedule, Dreamworks pushes the date to December.

Finally, in a positive update, there was news that the movie is preponed a month. So it is coming out on December 18, 2020. The latest release date, along with the film’s tagline, released. The tagline says something on the lines of the future being different from what it was initially. The poster is also intricate, with the character looks for the new Croods movie.

What is going to be the plot for The Croods: A New Age?

The poster reveals numerous details about the new film in line. It shows the Neanderthal family running into the new characters in the sequel. The positioning of The Croods is a man chart of the evolution of humans. It is exciting and given an insight as to where the story is going to lead.

After losing their home, The Croods are traveling searching for a new one. They roam on unfamiliar land and reach a beautiful island. The island is a paradise-like, and it can become the best home for them. But there is a problem here; the island is already occupied by The Betterman’s. On the one hand, where The Croods are raw and wild, The Betterman’s look of sophistication and belong to the higher class.

The Croods is a beautiful movie with an appealing story. The uniqueness of the plot has made it so popular. Amidst the current pandemic, news of The Croods: A New Age is refreshing and thrilling.

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