Latest News on Lucifer Within Us Gameplay

Lucifer Within Us gameplay scene

Lucifer within us, is the latest game from the Kitfox Games. It is a mystery puzzle game where the player must use his brain to solve mysteries. Moreover, the player must scrutinize timelines and find the guilty party. Certainly, it must then take the necessary measures and ways to exercise them for good.

Here is everything to know about the much-anticipated game, including its launch date, storyline, and gameplay.

What is the launch date?

Kitfox Games is the official developer and publisher of Lucifer within us. The game came out on October 15, 2020, and is currently available for a demo play.

What is the storyline?

Lucifer within us brings a mix of digital and spiritual together. It tells us how to deal with Demons possessing machines instead of humans. However, the game’s world takes its inspiration from famous horror sci-fi movies and series like Blade Runner, Matrix, and Black Mirror. The player is in the shoe of a digital exorcist who will have to exorcise technology that could scan people’s very “soul.” The player has to banish demonic AIs and expose the false truth of the digital world.

Words from the creator

In an interview with the game’s creative director Jongwoo Kim, he told many things regarding the game. Kim said that the gameplay has a futuristic theocracy where the digital is spiritual. He stated that the play depicts a what-if situation where ancient culture had access to the present world’s technology and information. The religious scripture incorporates entities from the digital universe.

The game has an entity or rather a network called Aether, who somewhat runs the entire world. Kim has the following to say about the role of Aether in Lucifer Within Us –

“The line between the computerized and natural is blur because of cultural reliance on the Aether, an old advanced organization that originates before the Church. All people are given computerized inserts to intellectually interface with the Aether, permitting them admittance to quick correspondence, immense information bases of information, and machine-like capability with Aether-associated gadget”. He went on further to say, “Unfortunately, demons lurk in the Aether, quietly seeking vulnerable souls, and possessing them in a moment of moral weakness.”

When asked about the player’s exorcist and role, he referred to them as White hat hackers. A White hat hacker breaks into secured and protected systems to check and improve their security. They do this to prevent the system from being exploited by malicious hackers.

Role of the player

About the game’s White hat hacker, Kim stated –

“To the extent their function in the public arena, advanced exorcists are like white cap programmers. Yet, their analytical techniques and methods of reasoning are nearer to what ‘conventional’ exorcists do, attempting to comprehend the brain research and inspirations of a suspect to recognize what evil spirit may be having them and cast it out,” Kim said. “Here and there, this is like recognizing a tainting infection, yet in different ways, for example, the customs in question, it’s very extraordinary.”

Make sure to check out the game. People from all over the world have access to the demo play for the game currently. Also, stay connected to remain updated with all the trending and exciting news of the entertainment industry.