All Trending News on Weird But True Season 3 Episode 11

Weird But True Season 3 Episode 11 cast poster

Weird But True is a fun learning experience on television. The series has been on the air for several seasons now. During which time, it has earned rave reviews from critics and fans alike. The show even nicked a Daytime Emmy Award in 2013. And its ratings are at an all-time high.

Based on a book series by National Geographic, the show initially made its debut on National Geographic Kids. The show makes understanding science easy with various simple experiments. The hosts travel to multiple places to find answers to curious questions. Whenever you tune in to the show, you are assured of learning something new.

When will Weird But True Season 3 Episode 11 Air?

The entertaining family show has been on the air for quite some time now. The series had first aired on National Geographic Kids. There it remained for the first two seasons of its tenure. However, starting this year, the show has got a new home.

You can catch the latest episodes of Season 3 at Disney+. You will have to be a Premium Member of the streaming site to watch the show. It dropped on August 14, 2020, and returns each week with a brand new episode. The 11th episode of the season airs on October 23, 2020. Stream through all the previous episodes before the latest one comes.

Weird But True Season 3: Who are hosts?

The show began with a funny and quirky sibling partnership. The first couple of seasons of Weird But True aired with Charlie Engelman alongside his sister Kirby Engelman. However, as the series changed its home this summer, there was another change to the cast.

With presenter Carly Ciarrocchi replacing Kirby Engelman for the on-going season. Fans were initially disappointed in seeing the pair broken up this term. However, Carly has quickly managed to impress kids everywhere. And it looks like she is going to be here for a while.

Weird But True Season 3: What will happen in Episode 11?

In the last episode, the duo had dared the terrain of Arizona. They met with a fellow National Geographic Explorer as they learned about the region’s flora and fauna.

In the 11th episode, Charlie, accompanied by Carly, will visit picturesque Hawaii for scuba-diving. However, doing this would need Carly to overcome her fear of scuba-diving. Join her as she tries to master the blue waters of Manta Ray Dive. It would also be an excellent opportunity to learn more about the aquatic life in the region. Hawaii has a beautiful coral reef, and it is an ideal place for their discovery.

Trailer for the Season

The show released this summer. In case you want to be convinced, get a look at their trailer, which released in July. Surely you won’t be able to stop yourself from streaming the show.

Weird But True helps you learn about things from all around the world. The third season has been hugely impressive. Charlie and Carly have already traveled a lot. And the upcoming 11th episode is not going to be any different. And with its release close, the wait is not going to belong either.