Spenser Confidential 2 Release Date & Trending News

Spenser Confidential 2 Movie Poster

The 2020 American action comedy movie Spenser Confidential will get a sequel soon. Director Peter Berg, along with his co-producer Mark Wahlberg is currently working on the sequel. Once again, teaming up together, Peter Berg reveals the plans for a possible sequel. According to Berg, Spenser Confidential 2 is “definitely happening”. The development is in progress, and it is already in the script stage.

In an interview with Collider, Peter Berg adds that the screenwriter of the first movie, Brian Helgeland, has turned in the first draft of the sequel. “So we’re definitely going to come back with Spenser Confidential 2. We’re just trying to figure out the dates,” Berg remarks.

Berg confirms that Netflix has greenlit Spenser Confidential two. This Netflix cop franchise is a live-action adaptation of Richard B. Parker’s Spenser novels. Wahlberg and Berg collaborate for the fifth time, after Lone Survivor, Deepwater Horizon, Patriots Day, and Mile 22 for this Spenser Confidential franchise.

When will Spenser Confidential 2 release?

At present, Wahlberg and Peter Berg are busy with other projects, which will delay the sequel’s development to Spenser Confidential.

Berg declares that even if the sequel is greenlit, it is not their immediate plan. Wahlberg is in Germany and is busy with his project to adapt to the video game series Uncharted. Berg further adds, “I’m going to do something else before Spenser Confidential two, but we’re definitely going to do that. I’m sure Mark and I will be 85, 90 years old making movies together. We love working together.”

In any case, the sequel will take some time to release. Berg further details about when the production of the movie will see the light. He adds that in the perfect case, the sequel to this action-comedy will possibly begin at “the very end of 2021 or beginning of 2022.” He does not further details on the cast and plot development of the upcoming sequel.

Spenser Confidential- Ending Explained

In, Spenser Confidential ex-cop Spenser teams up with MMA fighter Hawk after Spenser finds that two of his former colleagues are murdered.

By the end of the movie’s sequences, Spenser discovers that one of his colleagues, Terence Graham, was a part of the Federal Agents. The corrupt captain, John Boylan, turns himself into an informant because Driscoll kills Boylan. In a similar manner, Terrence also killed. But it is made to look like a suicide framing him with the charges of murdering Boylan. These murders are used to cover up the drug cartel business and the Wonderland agenda. Spenser, in the ending sequences, fights with Driscoll. After his win, while the friends celebrate, Spenser sees a news report about a fire chief accused of burning down a church. It is evident that Spenser wants to take up the case.

The first movie ends with a classic cliffhanger, as Wahlberg’s PI, after having solved one mystery, catches a whiff of another mystery to solve. This will possibly set up the premise for the sequel. Till then, catch up with the first movie on Netflix. Happy watching!