Raya And The Last Dragon Release Date & More

Raya And The Last Dragon Movie Poster

Disney has been doing a fantastic job of creating movies for the modern age. And the franchise is about to take another step in that direction. Raya And The Last Dragon would become the 59th film of the production house. But at the same time, it is also going to make a bit of history itself.

Seeing how weird the year has been, the film will become the first movie to be created remotely. With the world stuck at their homes, this seems to be an ingenious production team tactic. The film is going to be an exceptional tale of adventure and courage of the protagonist Raya.

Raya And The Last Dragon: When is it Releasing?

Raya And The Last Dragon is going to follow Frozen II in Disney’s long lists of films. But the film is not going to catch anyone off-guard with its announcement. Rumors about an upcoming movie had been on the rise since 2018. With the news being officially confirmed the following year.

Production began soon after. And the film was looking for a release in November, later this year. That would have aligned the film perfectly with Thanksgiving. Although a great plan, the pandemic forced the studios to take evasive action. With work stalled, the production house geared up to complete the remaining portion of the film remotely. The decision could be well considered a success. For though delayed the film, it was not for as long as many had predicted. Raya And The Last Dragon will hit the theaters near you on March 12, 2021.

Raya And The Last Dragon: What is the cast?

Disney is yet to release a full list of its cast for the upcoming movie. But fans can satisfy themselves by knowing the actors playing the titular role. Cast into the role of Raya is Kelly Marie Tran. It was Cassie Steele, how initially got the nod for the role. However, Tran quickly stole the role from her after impressing the directors with her audition. Will pair her alongside Awkwafina, who will appear as Sisu.

Raya And The Last Dragon: What will happen?

Disney has been successful recently in exploring cultures from around the world. That is going to be the case again for Raya And The Last Dragon. With the creators seeking cultural influence from countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

The movie is going to be set in the fictional land of Kumandra. Although a fun and happy place, dark clouds loom on the horizon. With the rise of Dunn, the safety of Kumandra is threatened. Rising to the occasion is Raya, daughter of the chief. She goes out in search of the Last Dragon to save her home from Dunn.

Raya And The Last Dragon: Is there a Trailer?

Unluckily for the fans, there is no one just yet. However, with the release not far off, the film’s first trailer might land later this year.

Raya And The Last Dragon is a much-awaited title from Disney. The film has the perfect recipe for success. In the past, Disney has managed to represent foreign cultures efficiently in their films. Raya And The Last Dragon should not be much different in that regard. And with a Spring release, hopefully, the film manages to be as good as Moana.