When is Super Mario Bros. Releasing? & More

Super Mario Bros Movie cast poster

Nintendo’s Mario Bros video games are one of the most nostalgic fun of the era. The game gave a lot of memories to almost three generations and is still doing so. Back in 1993, a live-adaption Mario Bros. movie came out. Both the fans and the critics criticized the film very severely and forced Nintendo to drop plans on any other movie project. After almost three decades, Nintendo is planning to release an animated Mario Bros movie in 2022.

Here is everything to know about the upcoming Mario Bros film, including the release date, plot, and all other exciting news.

When will it release?

The very first Mario movie was a live-adaption of Mario Bros, which came out in the years 1993. Fans regarded the film as a curse for Nintendo as it failed terribly and somewhat damaged the company’s reputation. Since then, Nintendo stuck to making games until a few years back in 2017 when Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto announced the film’s idea. He reported that the upcoming movie would be a CG animated film, which will come out in the year 2022. The film will tie in its production with Illumination and will have Universal Pictures as its worldwide distributor. The former is credited with giving incredible animated movies like the Despicable Me series and Minions movie.

What is the plot?

It seems clear from the 1993 Mario movie’s epic fail that Nintendo would avoid the same storyline. Unlike the live-adaption version of the film, Mario Bros 2022 is an animated film. The movie seems to have the same basic game’s plot. It will follow two plumber brothers, who travel to the underground labyrinth to rescue the captured princess. The movie will come out on the 40th anniversary of the game.

Nintendo’s Future Plans

Even though the coronavirus pandemic resulted in Hollywood to come to a halt, Mario Bros movie is still due for its scheduled release in 2022. The film seems a lucrative investment decision for the Nintendo as per the CEO of Nintendo. The movie aims to reach out to more and more audiences and act as a promotional tool for Nintendo’s future projects. After the mega-success of Detective Pikachu and Sonic: The Hedgehog, Nintendo could earn okay from the Mario Bros if they could get past the dark shadow of the 1993 Mario movie. Back when Nintendo announced a movie, fans expected a Legend of Zelda movie. Moreover, HBO showed interest in making a Legend of Zelda series back in 2015. Thus, fans could expect Nintendo to explore deeper into making a movie of their video games depending on what reactions do they get from the upcoming film.

Nintendo regarded their decision as a visual expansion for their projects. The movie could start a Nintendo universe with more iconic video games coming to life. But Nintendo has said nothing much regarding their plans beyond the film. It seems they are rooting on the audience’s reaction before making any decision. But until then, stay tuned to remain updated with all the exciting and trending news about the entertainment industry.