Star Trek 4 Release Date, Cast & Trending News

Star Trek 4 TV Show Poster

Star Trek is one of the most popular science fiction series of all time. The show made its debut in 1966. Its popularity led to the establishment of a sprawling film franchise. With the series becoming a pop culture icon in subsequent decades. That is why fans are so concerned about the future of the upcoming film.

While still under production, Star Trek 4 will be the 14th movie of the franchise. But the future of the film is not that simple after all. This project involved multiple directors. Yet nothing much has changed in the movie’s fate, which has left fans wondering about Star Trek 4.

Why is it taking so long?

Star Trek: Beyond is seen as more of a failure. The film was nowhere near what everyone expected. And that had cast doubt over the future of the entire franchise. But after just two years, Tarantino become a part of the franchise.

His vision steered the film into a new direction, with the movie expected to serve as a prequel and take place in a different timeline. But soon after, in 2019, the legendary director decided to walk away from the franchise, with a difference in perspective being a significant reason behind his decision.

Another name that tossed around was of S.J. Clarkson. She would have been the first female director in the history of the franchise. But lingering contract decision stalled the project. And eventually, in 2020, she also canceled her version of the sequel. These delays were not what the franchise needed.

Will Star Trek 4 Release?

All the hope for the series seemed to be riding on Noah Hawley. He was supposed to begin working on the film once he completed shooting Fargo. But even that plan has hit a roadblock. Hawley’s film was based around a deadly virus ripping apart the universe. That does not sound very, unlike the state Earth finds itself in right now.

The film was planning to begin shooting soon. Before Paramount decided to put the movie on hold, considering the sensitive global condition, it does not mean the next film has been canceled altogether. Hawley expressed, “still alive, just in stasis.” With the studios considering both his version and Tarantino’s version to be made as a spin-off. And if the latter does get made, do not expect Tarantino to return, though. He has definitively moved past the film.

What will be the cast for Star Trek 4?

Mike Fleming Jr had suggested earlier the path Star Trek 4 might take now. With the most suitable being reviving the original cast. That would be a logical option considering that the contract negotiations with stars like Chris Hemsworth have stalled in recent times.

Among all cast, Chris Pine is a center of attraction. With Zoe Saldana and Zachary Quinto coming a close second. Simon Pegg was a favorite of the fan, as he always is. And Karl Urban might all eventually return.

The film starts its production earlier this year. But the pandemic had foiled its plans. The question now remains about the direction of the film to take. Star Trek has a huge following, and Paramount won’t look to displease the fans. So the decision might take time.