Is Big Little Lies Season 3 Coming? & Latest News

Big Little Lies Season 3 cast poster

Big little lies is an Emmy award-winning show and have been home to numerous talented actresses. The inspiration for the show is from a novel by laine Moriarty with the same name.

The first two seasons are from the book, but now the story is over, and the possibility of a third season was unlikely. But there is some good news for the fans of big little lies, and here is everything viewers need to know.

What does Nicole Kidman have to say about the third season of Big Little Lies?

The actress is too eager to come back on screen with the third season. She says that she has had a word with all the other actresses on the screen along with the writers of the show. Hopefully, everyone agrees to the idea of a third season, and the show is most likely going to come back.

The cast and crew being interested in the third season is hugely a positive sign.

What is going to be the release date for Season three of Big Little Lies? The first season was out in February 2017, followed by season the 2nd one in June 2019. Both the Seasons had different directors resulting in separate ratings and responses from the audience. Fans are liking the first season more than the second, but the viewers increased.

There is no official confirmation on a release date for the third season, but considering the Global fan base that the show has, it is most likely going to return.

How many episodes is the third season going to get?

If it all, there will be the third season. It will be getting seven episodes, just like the previous seasons.

What is going to be the plot for Big Little Lies season three?

As already mentioned above, the show’s inspiration, which is the novel, has come to an end. With the source material getting over, the writers have to be creative to take the story forward, then there is no official update from the writers about where the story will go. Still, numerous fan theories are doing the rounds.

One of them is season Three, beginning with the Monterey five entering the local police station. Bonnie will confess to pushing Perry intentionally. She will also tell about Perry’s attack on Celeste. The rest of the women will support her and attest to Perry’s violent behavior towards his wife.

Who is going to be starring in the third season of Big Little Lies?

The cast of Big Little Lies includes Reese Witherspoon as Madeline, Zoe Kravitz as Bonnie, Adam Scott as Ed, Jeffrey Nordling as Gordon, Shailene Woodley as Jane, Laura Dern as Renata, James Tupper as Nathan, Kathryn Newton as Abigail, Darby Camp as Chloe, Nicholas Crovetti as Max, Ivy George as Amabelle, Iain Armitage as Ziggy, Cameron Crovetti as Josh and Chloe Coleman as Skye.

Due to a lack of official confirmation on the show’s renewal, that is not much about the cast. But speculations suggest that the following actors are going to be back for the third season.

Big Little Lies is exciting, and everyone is hoping for it to be back on screen. One of the popular shows with female leads is what makes it even more appealing full star.