All Of Us Are Dead Season 1 Release Date & More

All Of Us Are Dead Season 1 TV Show Poster

All Of Us Are Dead is a fantastic south Korean drama coming on Netflix. The show is going to explore the world of zombies in a different way. Netflix is exploring the Zombies genre with series like Kingdom, and now All Of Us Are Dead is the next in line. The show is a Netflix original with its inspiration from a popular webtoon of the horror genre.

The producers of this new show are film monsters and JTBC studios. It will be available on a global platform for users of Netflix everywhere. Here is everything fans need to know about All Of Us Are Dead Zombie show on Netflix.

What is going to be the release date of this new Zombie show?

There is no official announcement on the release date for All Of Us Are Dead. The series will take place in South Korea and be in Korean as its original language. The show is still in its pre-production stages, and the process of development is long.

However, speculation suggests that All Of Us Are Dead will be available on Netflix by the end of 2021.

What are the story details of All Of Us Are Dead?

The zombie show has a healthy inspiration from the popular webtoon ‘Now at our school.’ So it is likely that it is going to follow a similar storyline. The plot involves a high school with a group of students who are trapped inside it. The high school is in trouble because of a zombie attack.

The zombies are taking over all the teachers and students of the school. There are no official announcements for the exact plot for All Of Us Are Dead, but in a statement, Netflix says that it is going to be very much similar to the webtoon. The creators want to maintain the essence of the inspiration.

Netflix also says that this new show is an exciting chapter and a great addition to the Korean drama’s zombies genre.

Are there going to be more seasons of All Of Us Are Dead?

Korean dramas are getting popular by the day, and adding to it is the Zombie World. The Zombies have a respective fanbase altogether. Combining the two is going to be a thrilling experience for fans. The renewal of All Of Us Are Dead for more than one season is solely dependent on the show’s popularity and ratings.

The webtoon is vast, with numerous chapters going up to 130, so the creators have a lot of content to continue the show for more than one season.

Who is going to be a part of the star cast for All Of Us Are Dead?

There are no releases as to who is going to be part of the star cast, for All Of Us Are Dead. Fans are hoping to get some news about it in the upcoming weeks.

All Of Us Are Dead is creating a fair amount of anxiousness among fans. This is because it is an extremely excellent combination of horror, Korean drama, and Zombies.