Uncharted Movie Gets a Release Date?

Uncharted Movie actor poster

There is some all-around encouraging news for Tom Holland fans. The much anticipated Uncharted has finally got a release date. The film is based on the popular Uncharted gaming series. The action-adventure franchise is a classic among gamers. Each of the titles had received much acclaim upon its release. And the movie is likely to follow in the same footsteps.

Events in the film are going to take place a few years before the game begins. In this way, it has been visioned as a prequel, with the movie expecting to eventually tie-up with the franchise. The film had recently announced its new release date. And expectedly, that has sent fans insane.

Uncharted: When is it Releasing?

Talks about creating the film began way back in 2008. That was just a year after the first game of the series dropped. It was finally in 2016 that a script was in place, and casting began.

Because of the tight schedule of its cast, filming took a while to start. However, shortly after, the COVID-19 hits the world. And considering the health of its crew, shooting stops in mid-March. As it became clear that the film could not stick to its original release date, its release was delayed till October 2021.

However, not long after, that was rescheduled. And a new date out on July 16, 2021. But the best news came recently. When it was announced that Uncharted had been slotted in the date, which was reserved for Masters of The Universe movie, that means the film will release much earlier than expected on March 5, 2021.

Uncharted: Who are in it?

Although filming starts this March, most of the movie’s cast already done by 2018. Uncharted is yet to announce its entire crop of actors. But even from the curtailed list, it is clear that Sony is not messing around.

Of course, the essential member of the cast is Tom Holland. And he is going to be joining by Mark Wahlberg. Antonio Banderas will be making a much-anticipated return with the movie. And alongside them will be Sophia Taylor Ali and Tati Gabrielle.

Uncharted: What is Going to Happen?

There is not much to tell about the film’s plot. That is precisely because of how little the creators have allowed the fans to know. The movie will take heavy influences from the original gaming series.

Nathan is the unquestioned protagonist of the gaming series. So it will be up to the film to show the origin of his character. Victor will play another essential role in the movie as a mentor to him. But considering how epic the game is, there won’t be any shortage of actions.

Uncharted: Is there a Trailer?

The movie resumed its filming in September 2020. So it is still too early to be hoping for a trailer. But with its release so close, the wait should not belong.

Uncharted is not going to be the first gaming franchise to be out on screen. Many have tried their luck with mixed results. But the film has been blessed with the opportunity of hindsight. So hopefully, it will be able to avoid the common pitfalls. And with a cast as such, create a brilliant story.