Every Latest Update on The Orville Season 3

The Orville Season 3 TV Show Poster

In these desperate times, when there is news of multiple cancellations, The Orville is coming back with season 3. Fans cannot hold their excitement. The show is a science fiction drama by Seth MacFarlane, and there are going to be many more space adventures to follow. Here is everything you need to know about the third season of The Orville.

Is the show coming back for a third season?

There is an official announcement regarding the renewal of The Orville for a third season. This announcement also followed the news that the show will not be available on Fox but will now stream on Hulu. Disney is the owner of both Fox and Hulu. But there is a small change of a subscription fee if you have to watch it on Hulu.

How many episodes is the new season getting?

The first season got a total of 12 episodes, followed by season 2 with 14 episodes. There is news that the third season is bringing a total of 13 episodes.

There is good news in that each episode will be 10 minutes more than usual.

Why did the show move from Fox to Hulu?

The creator of the series, Seth MacFarlane, is highly ambitious about the show. In an announcement, he says that The Orville is extremely special to him. Both 20th Century Fox Company and Fox entertainment have tremendously supported. Fox Entertainment is the broadcast home of the creator for over 20 years.

The best part of the whole thing is that the people at Fox understand what Seth was trying to do with the series. They did not only support him but also gave the show massive marketing and a grand launch. But then Seth realizes that developing the story of the show further and living up to the fans’ expectations is a tough job. It is going to take time, and this delay will cause Fox losses.

Then it was best for the show to shift the streaming channel from Fox to Hulu.

When is the third season of The Orville going to release?

There is no official date of a release date for season 3 of The Orville. The show is still in its stages of development. The coronavirus pandemic is also delaying the project further. Although, speculations suggest The Orville will be available on Hulu by 2021.

What plot is the new season of The Orville going to follow?

The makers are secretive about the storyline of the new season. But some hints here suggest that season 3 will look into the repercussions from Isaac’s actions in season 2.

Seth MacFarlane also states on twitter that the third season will “up the stakes.” The makers have also said that they do not want any new fan to get confused. They like making the show so that anybody from anywhere will be able to follow the story and not get lost.

News of The Orville returning is happiness for a lot of people. The show has a decent fanbase. The third season is raising expectations with all the information surrounding it. On the other hand, the makers will give their best to do justice to the drama.