Latest News on The Society Season 2 and More

The Society Season 2 TV Show Poster

The Society is yet another mystery teen drama show that has gained a considerable fan base and appreciable reviews from the critics. Certainly, the show had a 7.1 IMDb rating and a score of 86% on Rotten Tomatoes. It is an official property of Netflix and has already released one season. 

Here’s everything to know about the upcoming season of The Society, including its cast, release date, and plot.

The Society Season 2: Release Date 

On May 10, 2019, The first season of the show came out. It had ten episodes, each with a runtime of around 48-61 minutes. In July 2019, Netflix renewed the show for a second season, but the second season’s production came to a halt after the coronavirus pandemic hit the world. Later, on August 21, 2020, Netflix canceled the series. This news has hit the fans very hard, including every cast of the show as well. Previously, when Netflix announced the renewal status, each cast member announced it with a special video message. After the show got canceled, Kathryn Newton uploaded a picture of her co-actors in group video chat.

The Society Season 2: Reasons for cancellation

Alongside The Society, Netflix also canceled the series I Am Not Okay With This. Earlier it was reported that the filming for the show was to return in September. But since the condition grew worse, Netflix ultimately decided to cancel the series. Deadline reported that uncertainty of production dates and continuous increase of the budget for the series led to this decision.

The fans, creators, cast members, and even Netflix itself showed their remorse over the cancellation of what otherwise would have been a great web series.

Kathryn Newton who played the protagonist Allie, took to Instagram along with co-star Gideon Adlon Becca) to directly address the fans of the show. She said that she is heartbroken and went on to continue that everything ready and that they were sorry to leave fans on such a cliff hanger. Adlon added that it was a bummer having to leave the show like this. She continued saying that things end up like this sometimes and they have no control over it.

The Society Season 2: Storyline

Spoilers Ahead

The show’s story is about a group of teenagers who return from a canceled field trip, only to find out that everyone in their town (New Ham) has disappeared. Thick and dense forests surround their town now, and the world beyond no longer exists for them. With no connection to the outside world, they must come up with their society and rules and survive with limited resources.

In the upcoming season, the New Ham town residents would have to solve the mystery behind the sudden disappearance of people and survive the unstable new leadership. In an interview with the creator, Christopher Keyser gave fans a few details. He said that the characters would have to grow their food and battle any injury or sickness. Many other components would put pressure on their society, and they will have to deal with it.

Fans still expect Netflix to reverse their cancellation decision and give the second season of green light. But until then, make sure to check out the first season of the show. You can watch previous season till next season arrives.