TV Shows Dave Season 2 Renewal Status & Latest Updates

Dave Season 2 Renewal Status & Latest Updates

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The first season of Dave was out in April 2020 and became popular instantly. FXX networks are the creators behind this comedy show, which is available on Hulu. Davis Burd, also known as Lil Dicky, an American Jewish rapper, is the show’s producer. Dave focuses on the life, journey, and struggles of David Burd, becoming a bigtime rapper, Lil Dicky, in Los Angeles.

Fans are wanting to see a second season of the show. Here are all the recent updates about the new season of Dave.

What was the season one of Dave all about?

The show follows a boy who wants to become a rapper and is in his late 20s. He gets a tremendous amount of support from his friends, which means a lot to Dave. Friends support is the reason that Dave can achieve his dream.

Is Dave coming back with a new season?

The response of the audience for this new comedy show was overwhelming and decisive. The show is renewed for a new season almost immediately after the premiere of the first season.

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There are no official updates about a release date, but multiple news reports confirm that the second season will be available by 2021.

Who is going to be part of the Star Cast for the season two of Dave?

There is no official confirmation on the final star cast for season two. But following season one, there are numerous actors that one can expect to feature in the new season as well.

Speculations suggest that David Burd, like Dave, is going to be back as the main character. Along with him, Taylor Misiak as Ally, GaTa as GaTa, Christine Ko as Emma, Andrew Santino as Mike, and Travis Bennett as Elz are also going to be back.

Apart from the star cast, there were notable guest stars who were part of the season one- Young Thug, Kourtney Kardashian, Justin Bieber, and Trippie Redd. The second season is most likely going to feature some other famous entities.

What story is season two of Dave going to follow?

The second season is also going to follow the life of rapper and comedian David Burd. The first season was dealing a lot with him trying to fulfill his dreams. The second season will look further into his story and deal with the various aspects of his life. But there are no official announcements on the flow of the story for season two.

In an interview, David Burd also says that this is his first rodeo ever, and he is hugely excited about it. He adds by saying that he wishes to increase the show’s standards even more in the new season. There is a lot of opportunity on television and Burd is glad to get a first-hand experience.

Is the trailer for the new season out yet?

The news of renewal is recent, so there is no available trailer. But you can go and watch all the ten episodes of the show on Hulu.

David Burd has an inspiring story to tell. From the early struggles to creating a massive fanbase on Youtube, the rapper has seen it all. FXX network did see relevant potential in the show and is now pursuing it further.

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