AJ and The Queen Season 2 Renewal Status & Everything

AJ and The Queen Season 2 TV Show Poster

AJ and the Queen is a Netflix Original series. The creator and producer of this show is RuPaul and Michael Patrick King. While the show makes its debut on Netflix on January 10, 2020, it now stands canceled.

RuPaul, the creator, also stars in the series as Ruby Red, a drag queen who travels from club to club in America in a RV with AJ. The sidekick AJ is 11 years old and is recently orphaned. They travel together, and Ruby’s drag numbers in the clubs are no less than iconic. And as the misfits accompany each other in this vagabond journey, they keep spreading the message of love and acceptance.

Will AJ and The Queen have a second season?

The dramedy series AJ and The Queen received mixed reviews from the fans after the debut in January.

Netflix has canceled the show after just one season on March 6, 2020. RuPaul tweeted about this cancellation. Season two did not receive a green signal, but RuPaul says that he is “so very proud of the work”.

RuPaul writes, “End of the road for ‘AJ and The Queen.” Unfortunately, Netflix did not extend the Drag Queen’s trips across America. But, RuPaul took it to Twitter to thank the fans and audience for the love and support.

As of late, Netflix is quick enough to cancel original content, canceling the shows after just one season. Besides AJ and the Queen, ice skating drama Spinning Out, Daybreak, a comedy featuring zombies and Tuca & Bertie, also stands canceled. Even though most of these storylines are drop in the air, the shows will not return with a second season.

What happens at the end of AJ and the Queen season one?

The finale of season one is immensely satisfying. By the end, AJ reunites with her drug-addict, mommy Brianna. Robert also realizes that she would like to adopt AJ. Louis, aka Cocoa Butter, crowned as the prime alternate for Miss Drag USA. Robert’s financial crisis is somewhat classified by the end of season one. Season one, all in all, presents a beautiful and heartwarming narrative.

But the finale also features a number of cliffhangers. Louis walks in on Officer Kennedy and some other man, and hence he storms out quite angrily. And it’s not clear if they will reconcile again. While Brianna reunites with AJ, it is not clear if AJ will fully accept her. And as for AJ leaves, Robert is overwhelmed with her departure. AJ’s and Robert’s paths will ever cross again is another mystery. Robert, aka Ruby Red, and his obnoxious companion, AJ’s bonding was the heart and soul of season one.

As season one had mixed reviews, and season two is not happening, these questions are now open-ended and are subject to personal interpretations. This AJ and the Queen series looks like a piece of art, with a charismatic set of characters. Most importantly, this is a show about overcoming loneliness and isolation. And even though it will not return for season two, it has definitely left an indelible mark.