When is Batwoman Season 2 Coming?

Batwoman is a series that first came on television in 2018. It was an arrow verse crossover, and everyone loves it ever since. After a successful first season, the show is coming back with a new season now. The excitement among fans is ever-increasing with the news of the show’s renewal. Here is everything you need to know before the premiere of season 2 for Batwoman.

What is going to be the release date for Batwoman season 2?

The initial release of the second season was going to be in October 2020. But due to the coronavirus pandemic and everything that is going on around the globe, there were changes in its schedule. The filming and production for the show also had to face a delay, and hence there was a change in the release date as well.

There are no official announcements about a definitive release date, but speculations suggest that the show will be back on screen by January 2021.

Who is going to be the new Batwoman in season 2?

Following the resignation of Ruby Rose, the fans had no clue as to who will be the next Batwoman. The makers want to continue the story of a woman fighting crime in Gotham City. But this time, there is a completely new twist to the character of Batwoman as it just got a reboot. There is an introduction to a new character, Ryan Wilder.

Javicia Leslie is going to play as Ryan Wilder. The makers spoke about the character as someone messy yet likeable, goofy, and untamed. She is on the run from the Gotham police department because she was a drug runner. But Leslie’s character is way more than that. Her character is an out lesbian and high skilled along with a lack of discipline. So many contradictions in one character are going to be a treat to watch.

Ruby Rose, the former Batwoman, let out the news on Instagram about Javicia Leslie as the new Batwoman and says that she is not only happy but is full of excitement to watch season 2. Javicia herself is extremely thrilled as being the first black actress to be in the role of Batwoman. Apart from that, the accurate representation of the LGBTQ community by the character, as well as Leslie being out lesbians, is some overwhelming.

What story is the new season going to follow?

There are small hints that The CW is leaving to engage fans continuously. The story in season 2 will also follow Batwoman, but the character behind the mask is going to change. Jacob Kane will not be responding well to the activities by the Batwoman.

The new season will also deal with a supervillain that is about to wreak havoc in Gotham city. Tom Elliot, who is a former friend of Bruce Wayne, is the guardian of this villain, and things are not so simple. The CW also teases with hints of romance between Mary and Luke. However, there is no official update of the story that the new season is going to follow.

Batwoman is a famous character in the DC comics, as well as the DC universe. The show is giving new meaning and importance to the character. Season 2 of the show is going to be equally thrilling and interesting.