Umbrella Academy Season 3 Expected Plot & More

Umbrella Academy Season 3 TV Show Poster

The Umbrella Academy has become one of the most popular original series on Netflix since it began in 2019. Netflix quickly renewed the series for a second season due to the show’s rising popularity. Fans are eagerly waiting for the third season. However, Netflix is yet to decide on it. Here is everything fans need to know about Umbrella Academy Season three.

About the series 

The Umbrella Academy is a superhero web television series based on the comic book series of the same name. The show follows a family of adopted siblings who try to solve the mystery of their father’s death and attempt to stop an apocalypse. The Umbrella Academy has various genres apart from the superhero genre like black comedy, drama, science fiction, and fantasy.

The show earned praise for its storyline, cast performances, visuals, and action sequences. Then it was nominated for numerous accolades, including two Emmys, and won an Art Directors Guild Award.

Who is returning for season three?

The prominent cast members from the previous seasons will return to reprise their roles if they are renewed for a third season.

The main cast includes Tom Hopper as Luther / Spaceboy / Number One, David Castañeda as Diego / The Kraken / Number Two, Emmy Raver-Lampman as Allison / The Rumor / Number Three, Robert Sheehan as Klaus / The Sèance / Number Four, Aidan Gallagher as Number Five / The Boy and Ellen Page as Vanya / The White Violin / Number Seven.

Justin H. Min played Ben / The Horror / Number Six in the first two seasons. Ben died during the second season events, so his return in the third might be through memories and flashbacks.

Other cast members expected to return include Colm Feore as Sir Reginald Hargreeves / The Monocle, Ritu Arya as Lila Pitts, Yusuf Gatewood as Raymond Chestnut, Marin Ireland as Sissy Cooper, and Kate Walsh as The Handler along with Adam Godley and Ken Hall as Pogo.

The plot of season three (Spoiler Alert!) 

The Hargreeves siblings traveled back in time to try and stop the apocalypse. However, their actions result in the death of Ben and numerous changes in history. The season ended with then uttering their profanities with stunned expressions as they realized their mistakes.

The second season was filled with numerous surprises and twists, such as one where the siblings learned that their father, Sir Reginald, is not dead. The second season left behind many cliffhangers and several plot holes, which can only be explained with the third season.

When will season three release? 

Netflix hasn’t yet renewed The Umbrella Academy for a third season. Netflix takes time while making decisions. For example, Stranger Things Season Two out in 2017, and the third season wasn’t out until 2019. So fans of the show will have to wait for a while for the third season.

The Umbrella Academy’s first season came out in 2019, and the second season came out this year. If Netflix does renew the series for a third season, it will be a while before they begin production as necessary precautions will have to be taken due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The third season could very likely release in early 2022.

There is a lot that needs to answer for the fans. It will be a while until the third season, but it will be worth the wait. The Umbrella Academy will return with more action, adventure, and fun and satisfy the show’s fans!