Raji: An Ancient Epic is Getting a Release Date?

Raji: An Ancient Epic game poster

Raji: An Ancient Epic is one of the first games involving Indian mythology that has become popular globally. The founders Avichal Singh, Shruti Ghosh, and Ian Maude went through a lot of trouble to create the game. They had to even deal with the lack of funds and also faced a delay in the release of Raji: An Ancient Epic.

Why did Raji: An Ancient Epic take so long?

One of the founders of the game Shruti Ghosh, explains the struggle and the excitement that the founders have gone through. On the one hand, the journey to bring out Raji and on the other to finally get to release it. Ghosh also said that the founders did a Kickstarter campaign in the initial years of the game development but did not reach their ultimate goal. They had no other plans and went on to create a demo for ten months.

She also says that they were doing everything with their savings and could not even have a budget to hire a PR company for marketing. They even struggled to find a publisher for funding, and it was getting difficult.

What is the inspiration behind the various aspects of the game?

Another one of the founders, Avichal Singh, also the game designer for Raji: An Ancient Epic, says that they took their inspiration from multiple games. This was to get the best results. Hyperlight Drifter, Devil May Cry, bastion, journey, transistor, Prince of Persia, God of War are some of the games behind Raji’s various aspects: an ancient epic.

The game also has a healthy inspiration from traditional India and its artwork. People appreciate the graphics and the landscape that the game has. There are beautiful Indian artwork and multiples sculptures to show Indian culture strongly. The founders took this inspiration from traveling to various parts of the country.

Storytelling is through puppets, and the makers thought this was an excellent way to engage a player. Is game In this way, they were able to tell Raji’s story and involve a player in combat.

What are the Expectations of players from Raji as a female protagonist?

The story of the game follows Raji, who wants to save her brother from a powerful monster. All of this is happening on Raksha Bandhan, a prestigious day for brother-sister duos in India. Everything is happening in Reverse. The brother usually saves his sister from all difficulties on Raksha Bandhan, and here Raji as a sister is out to save her brother.

Maude, the third founder of the game, says that a female protagonist was more fascinating in this sibling story. They just felt that it was the right thing, and they were on the right track. However, the story is something that all siblings will be able to relate to irrespective of their gender.

So, this game has a lot of Indian population and they are waiting for its release. But there are no official announcements yet. It will be releasing on PS4, PC, and Xbox One consoles. The story is exciting, mythological, and thrilling to engage a player in gameplay as well.