He-Man Masters of The Universe Release is Delayed

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There is more bad news waiting for the fans of Masters of The Universe. Sony has for a long time been planning to renew the superhero He-Man. The original series was a popular mainstay on television throughout the 1980s. The show took the viewers along in the adventures of Prince Adam. With the series even releasing a 1987 movie about the superhero.

Despite many attempts, the show has not been able to return till now. Fans were getting optimistic about the series making a return eventually. But things suggest even that might no longer be the case. The reboot of Masters of The Universe is now facing another hurdle along its way. And that is not something fans would have wanted to hear.

Is He-Man Masters of The Universe Delayed?

That is exactly what seems to be happening. The Noah Centino starrer was looking forward to a release on March 5, 2021. But following the global condition, that plan has been scrapped for good, with Tom Holland’s Uncharted getting the nod to make its release on that day.

Worsening the situation is the fact that Masters of The Universe has been kept out of the calendar altogether. The studios have been planning about a release for a long time now. With Sony hiring new writers and confirming Centino, things were looking really positive.

What is going to happen to the Masters of The Universe?

It is tough to predict the implications of this decision from the studios. One reason might be to do the film right. Everyone remembers the commercial and critical travesty that was the first Masters of The Universe movie. Sony would try to ensure the sequel redeems it. The film was rumored to be heading along steadily. But the recent announcement might mean the creators beginning on the film from scratch.

Another possible destination for the movie might be a streaming platform. Netflix already has several shows like She-Ra and the Princesses of Power streaming at their site. This will connect them brilliantly to the universe of He-Man. And Masters of The Universe might prove to be the final piece of the jigsaw. Fueling the speculation is the encouraging news of Tom Rothman selling the Masters of the Universe franchise. It remains to be seen what the future holds for the film.

What is Masters of The Universe About?

He-Man is your classic good versus evil story. Being the Prince of Eternia, Prince Adam has a lot on his plate. His nemesis Skeletor seizes the control of Castle Grayskull. Adam must gain back control of that place.

Prince Adam is the mystical hero He-Man. And that castle is the source of his power which makes him the most powerful man in the Universe. But the task is not easy, and he requires the help of his trusted pet and other allies to help him along the way.

Masters of The Universe was always going to be an ambitious project for Sony. Though the first movie did not turn out to be great, it is regarded as a classic. And fans of the series will be hard to please. But given the popularity of the superhero genre in recent times, the risk seemed worth taking. And although the film faces an uncertain future consider the things to change for the better real soon.

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