Escape Room 2 Release Date, and Everything

Escape Room 2 Movie Poster

Escape Room was the psychological horror flick which released worldwide last year. Directed by Adam Robitel, the film managed to make quite a few viewers squeal. But in the end, that is precisely what you want from a good horror movie. And Escape Room was undoubtedly one.

Fans enjoyed the film thoroughly, and it had left several critics impressed as well. Hence when the news comes out about a sequel, it is not that shocking. Escape Room 2 will see Robitel return as the director for one more time as the sequel gears itself up to follow the success story of its predecessor.

Escape Room 2: When is it Releasing?

The first film’s success had surprised many with the film making a profit of over ten times its budget. And riding that high, the producers were quick to sanction a sequel with Escape Room 2 slated to be released in April 2020.

That would have meant the two films dropping in less than 18 months. However, as you all know, that has not happened. Initially, the film faced a few delays and was pushed back to August of the same year. And the film is once again postponed to January 1, 2021. But Sony made another startling announcement this month, pushing the film’s release further down the calendar year.

Escape Room 2: Who are Appearing?

The first film was not entirely generous to its cast. With only Taylor Russell’s Zoey and Logan Miller’s, Ben is making it out alive. And it is confirmed last year that the two survivors would be returning for the sequel.

Joining them in an unfortunate adventure will be Isabelle Fuhrman and Thomas Cocquerel. Alongside will be appearing Holland Roden, Carlito Olivero, and Indya Moore.

Escape Room 2: What is the Plot?

There is no way to know how bizarre the sequel will turn out. Sony has so far been mute about any possible hints for the upcoming film. But it is expecting to begin immediately after the events of the first film.

Escape Room had set up a perfect platform for the sequel. With the flight, Zoey and Ben will take to New York being at the center of the movie’s event. It is quite clear the gamemaster is to return in one form or the other. And with their chances of survival even lower this time, only sheer dumb luck can save them. However, fans will have to wait until the film releases to know how the event unfolds.

Escape Room 2: Is a Trailer Out?

Speaking about the wait, it is going to be quite a while. There is still no sight of the movie dropping its first trailer, which has left the fans with very little work. A further delay in its schedule means an even longer wait before getting the first glimpse of the film.

The excruciating wait seems to stretch on without any end in sight. The pandemic did throw a spanner in the plans, but the recent update merely is heartbreaking. It is still unclear how long the wait is going to be. Hopefully, the film manages to keep up with the expectations.