Top 10 Mind Blowing TV Shows to Watch Like Ragnarok

Ragnarok TV Show Poster

Here is a story about a wealthy family embodying the human-made plagues. In this case, a family is a group of Giants and Giantesses. For example, they are focusing on the show’s teenage protagonist Magne. They have wherefore bestowed with the power and the hammer of none another than Thor, the Nordic god of thunder. They are thereby managing to entertain the adventure/fantasy genre viewers.

If one seeks to enjoy Ragnarok, the enlisted shows below are a must-watch.


Noble  TV Show Poster

Nobel is a story about Lieutenant Erling Riiser. At the same time, he is returning home from deployment in Afghanistan. However, he becomes a pawn in an international game of politics. 


A tale about how that is a 20-year old from this reality: the storyline to live in a Utopian virtual island called Offshore. It is here encompassing who once everyone is at the paradise. Further, each member is supposed to pass a test. In this case, only three percent make it through this test.

A Very Secret Service 

A Very Secret Service  TV Show Poster

A tale about full of gags and jokes: in this case, referencing a spy genre and, for example, serving capsules for changing France, the Cold War’s portrayal of Algeria’s independence from France, and many others. It is coupled with new-age feminism. 

Here Andre Merlaux focuses on protecting and defending the interests of France and participating in dangerous operations.


Thereby a show with a German-American production. Here Shira Haas as lead character Etsy. In this case, a soft-spoken 19-year older woman from an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community residing in New York explores life beyond her conventional zone.


Fauda TV Show Poster

It is drama detailing stories about operatives in Israeli Defense Forces and thereby showcasing the counter-terrorism specialist Doron and his team. In this case, Fauda also conveys the futility of war and sectarian conflicts between nations.

Samurai Gourmet

A tale that is a Japanese series. Here the protagonist Samurai Gourmet celebrates the mundane activities of human life. in this case, a show to watch if one seeks a little escapism in life.


Kingdom TV Show Poster

The kingdom is a South Korean show. Here the show is a blend of my genres. For example, the focal point of the show is Korea’s Joseon period. Here the show depicts the life of monarch Lee Chang and his struggles to maintain peace in his kingdom.

Money Heist

A classic tale about criminal minds: here, the show portrays “The Professor” has planning to pull off the biggest heist in recorded history. To accomplish that, he recruits a team.


Here is a show portraying anarchic violence. While the storytelling is all about the Preacher (Dominic Cooper). Also showcasing the promises that Jesse’s character makes. In this case, take over his dad’s church. Wherefore Jesse’s mission becoming twisted along the way consequently, as his body gets overcome by a cryptic force unleashing him to a higher unconventional power.


Dark TV Show Poster

Here is a show about time travel or time-lapses. For example, one day in the German town of Winden, a child disappears. In this case, the townies begin the hunt to find the child. At the same time, they are concluding connections revealing how four estranged families find themselves connected through a time travel conspiracy.

Finally, concluding the list with shows that fall in the same grouping as Ragnarok. The article has an extensive list that includes alternatives for Ragnarok. For example, Dark, Money Heist, Sacred Games, and many others. So why wait any longer? Start with your favorite pick on the list and begin binge-watching.

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