Solar Ash Gameplay, Release Date, and Latest Updates

Solar Ash game poster

Game developer Heart Machine is coming back with yet another iconic game. After the award-winning 2016 game Hyper Light Drifter, the creators are now developing their second game, Solar Ash, originally known as the Solar Ash Kingdom.

The game is publishing under Annapurna Interactive. The setting and gameplay of Solar Ash appear quite similar to Hyper Light Drifters in its introductory trailer. But Solar Ash gameplay has its own distinct features, and it is no sequel to Hyper Light Drifters.

The aesthetics and atmosphere of the upcoming game are available in the trailer. So, get ready to journey through a surreal, vivid, and highly stylized world. The game looks both modern and retro in style. It looks quite endearing with mystery filled ambiance featuring wild high-speed traversal and massive enemy encounters.

Is the trailer of Solar Ash available?

Solar Ash released the introduction trailer on June 12, 2020. The trailer is available for streaming on the PlayStation channel of YouTube.

The trailer of Solar Ash features a feminine figure who looks like a caped wanderer. With her lithe body, she glides across space and land with her high tech roller skates styled shoes. Her journey has a psychedelic touch to it as she travels through the broken universe. She then confronts an ethereal goddess-entity who welcomes her to the void. This Ultravoid seems to swallow everything. The distorted gravity threatens to pull in the fast, gliding protagonist of Solar Ash. And it is in these twisted depths that her journey begins. The player will have the role of this character.

While the protagonist in Hyper Light Drifters drift/sprint, here the player will glide or skate across the ground. Solar Ash shares the same universe as Hyper Light Drifters, but it will “not be a direct sequel,” according to the developers.

When will Solar Ash gameplay release?

The upcoming 3D action-adventure video game is played through a third-person perspective. Solar Ash is having an official announcement on March 13, 2019, on

The game is by Rich Vreeland. He is also looking after the sound of the game. And, Alex Preston is designing the game. This action-adventure single-player video game will release in 2021. And the premiere date is not available as of now. Solar Ash will release on Windows through Epic Games, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

What is the plot of the game?

As the player takes control of the female character, they will journey through the Ultravoid. This is a broken universe that swallows everything. This is a land of beautiful ruins where danger lurks. It is like an ethereal dream which none can escape.

Here, the player will meet endearing characters. They accompany each other in this world devoured by the expanding Ultravoid. It is like a spiral of despair where they find themselves trapped in. With high-speed traversal challenges against distorted gravity and surreal spaces, the player will have to slay the monsters and find solace with other lost souls in this despairing universe. They also have to beware of “the remnants that loom and bristle with hunger.”

Solar Ash has unique gameplay. The design philosophy promises a world-class experience for the players. This is one of the most popular games planning to arrive in 2021. So all the gamers out there, be ready for a great time!

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