Every Latest Update About Hotel del Luna Season 2 & More

Hotel del Luna Season 2 TV Show Poster

Hotel del Luna is a 2019 Korean TV series. In addition, it is the most watching TV show of 2019 and is the 12th high-rated Korean Drama worldwide. The show is appreciating for its spooky yet entertaining content. The first time it is out on tv is on the 13th of July 2019.

Hotel Del Luna: Plot Structure

The title in English means “The Guesthouse of the moon.” The house isn’t like any normal residence. It hides behind its aesthetics and service in the daytime while the nighttime reveals the reality of it. The staff and clients in actual are ghosts roaming around to fulfill an unfinished agenda. The themes of reincarnation and the afterlife are very well cover in this series.

The only fact normal yet different to the ambiance is the general manager who is a human. He deals with the other human passerby and informs them about the expenses while also dealing with the ghost’s requests with their still-living relatives and friends. A price comes along with every action a ghost does. Be it killing a human or interacting with one. A ghost can see other ghosts and humans, while very few humans can see the ghosts. One of them is our general manager.

Hotel Del Luna season 2: Cast List

The cast list includes the succession of the previous season’s cast list itself. The particular casts that might continue to star in season two are as follows. The series has Lee Ji-Eun as Jang Man-wol, Kim Gyu-Ri as young Man-wol, Yeo Jin-goo as Gu Chan-sung, Kim Kang-hoon as young Chan-sung.

News Regarding Season Two of Hotel Del Luna 

Hotel del Luna season two is a big doubt for its occurrence. There has been no news regarding its release at the forefront. Even the creators or the directors haven’t yet given their word out regarding its release. Season one gave a good conclusion to the story, which reduces the percentage furthermore. It is also possible that season two has a new plot altogether with brand new casting. Those are just mere assumptions as of now. The Hong sisters, too, have confirmed on media that the first season had an excellent conclusion to the story.

The news is a little unsettling to our dear fans as they request another season. This makes the occurrence a little possible regarding their pleadings. Whenever creators circulate any information regarding the series, viewers will get updates.

However sad, the ending seemed to have been seen from a different point of view by the two scriptwriters. According to their statements, “Hotel Del Luna is the place for the dead and aims at being a space for them to take a rest and then sending them off. However, the two scriptwriters did not consider this as a “sad ending.” Scriptwriter Hong Mi Ran commented, “I think this is a happy ending for our story.”

One can always decide to be out on holiday and stop at a hotel to spend some time laying off travel. However, keep the spooky Hotel del Luna incidents at the back of your mind while such adventures. Anything can be possible out there in the land of Korea. Watch Hotel del Luna know more!