Chaos Walking Release Date, and All Trending News

Chaos Walking movie cast poster

Chaos Walking is all set now to finally make its long-awaited release. The movie, produced by Lionsgate films, will be based on Patrick Ness’s Chaos Walking Trilogy’s first novel. The book The Knife of Never Letting Go got a huge appreciation from critics when it is out in 2008. And by following the same story, the film will like to replicate its success.

The Director of the movie is Doug Liman. Science fiction takes place several years in the future, with the story following Todd Hewitt. Multiple delays in its schedule had pushed back its release for a long time. But now it is ready to hit the big screen.

Chaos Walking: Releasing Date of the Movie

The film was first expected to release in March 2019. Production began by August 2017 and was completed before Halloween that year. But later there is an announcement that the film would have to re-shoot several of its scenes extensively. That had already cast doubt over its expected release date.

Adding to the worries was the commitments of the film’s leading pair. The actors are already included in other multi-billion-dollar franchises. That kept the re-shoots on hold until 2019. But it is finally out of the way, and the creators are happy with the latest cut. The film will hit the theaters on January 22, 2021, not a long wait from now.

Chaos Walking: Cast of the Movie

The producers went all guns blazing when casting for the film, with several of the most well-known faces of the decade set to appear. The most notable among them are Tom Holland as Todd and Daisy Ridley as Viola.

Joining them as the film’s prime antagonist is Mads Mikkelsen as David Prentiss. Other actors to appear in the movie are Nick Jonas, Demián Bichir, and Kurt Sutter. Alongside them will be Cynthia Erivo, David Oyelowo, and Óscar Jaenada.

Chaos Walking: Storyline of the Movie

The film will be based heavily on the novel by Ness. The story is going to take place in the fictional town of Prentisstown. The film will take into a new world, where everyone can hear the minds of humans and animals.

The reason behind this mysterious ability is the pathogen describe as Noise. It had caused all the women to be wiped off, or Todd had been told since childhood. He quickly discovers a place of absolute silence and the reason behind it.

Chaos Walking: Trailer of the Movie

It seems natural for the film to have given the world its first glimpse by now already. But that is not the case. However, given the proximity to its release, the wait might be over soon enough.

With Todd and Viola, travel into the puzzling town of Prentisstown. There are lots of mystery that have been buried under the soil. The book proved to be one of the best of 2008. And with its cast, the film should not be far off. It has waited long enough, and it is now time to see the final results. In any case, fans are not going to love this movie.