Movies Cash Truck Release Date, Plot and Latest News

Cash Truck Release Date, Plot and Latest News

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Cash Truck is yet another upcoming thriller movie starring Jason Statham. Guy Ritchie will direct the film while Ivan Atkinson and Bill Block are the producers for the film. Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie have previously given fans some fantastic movies like Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998), Snatch (2000), and Revolver (2005). And the pair is coming back for their fourth project together with their upcoming movie Cash Truck. MGM and Miramax have officially taken up the role of the global distribution of the film.

Here is everything to know about the upcoming Cash Truck movie, including the movie’s release date, cast, plot, and other exciting details.

What is Cash Truck Releasing Date?

The shooting for the film started in November 2019 in locations like Los Angeles and London. But this year experienced delays in many movies due to coronavirus bringing all of Hollywood to a halt. However, Cash Truck seems to remain on its release schedule. But Cash Truck is still in the post-production stage and will come to big screens on January 15, 2021. On January 18, 2020, Guy Ritchie officially announced the film’s wrap on his twitter handle with the hashtag: #UntitledGuyRitchieJasonStathamProject.

What is the Cast and Crew of the Movie?

Guy Ritchie, who directed Disney’s Aladin, which scored $1 Billion plus on the box office, is the acting director and writer for the project with Jason Statham in the lead role, playing Harry “H.” Other in the cast include Holt McCallany as Bullet, Laz Alonso as Carlos, Darrell D’Silva as Mike, and Chris Reilly as Tim. The film also stars Josh Hartnett, Jeffrey Donovan, Raúl Castillo, and Niamh Algar in unknown roles. It also includes a few more known faces in minor roles. Also, Post Malone will give his voice for a soundtrack in the movie, which is unknown yet.

What is the Plot of the Upcoming Movie?

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The movie revolves around Harry or H, a cold and mysterious character at a Cash Truck company. He is responsible for moving hundreds of dollars all around Los Angeles. And the film will also show crossroads of different timelines, each narrated from other characters’ points of view. Also, the movie will have some revenge angle that will remain constant in between these timelines. The film is based on a 2004 French thriller movie, Le Convoyeur (Translation: Cash Truck). This movie is also the third remake movie of the director guy Ritchie who previously worked on Aladin’s remakes in 2019 and Swept Away in 2002. Cash Truck has initially been just a working title for the movie, which was made into the movie’s official title.

There is no official trailer out for the film yet. However, the movie is already finishing with the filming, but fans could soon see an official teaser or full-fledged trailer on their screens.

Make sure to check out the other movies of Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie while waiting for the Cash Truck to crash on big screens. Meanwhile, stay tuned to remain updated with all the latest and exciting news of the entertainment industry. Happy watching!

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